A Bit of This and That

So, I thought I’d start (since I’m so far behind) by telling you something old and something new. That way, maybe we can catch up to each other?

Old: Probably one of the biggest, most exciting, and life-changing things that has happened since we last were together… is I have a new granddaughter! She was born on June 1 and is two-and-a-half years old. She also was partially named for me! Squee! I was so proud and overwhelmed. Such an honor. I love her to pieces and she’s really changed our world. She is the daughter of my youngest (son) and she only lives about two miles away so I get to see lots of her. She has long blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes and the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. I may be a bit biased, but a lot of other people seem to think so too. Her mom and dad had a miscarriage about a year before they conceived her, so it was quite a wonderful thing when she came along. I will always remember when we were told they were pregnant, because it was the same day as my youngest daughter’s wedding! That’s a story for another day, but when they told us we were to keep it quiet and was that ever hard to do! Well, that’s long over now and I did manage to keep the secret. Now we just feel blessed every day to have her in our lives.

New: I don’t know if anyone remembers (or cares) that I am a type 2 diabetic. Well, I go hot and cold when it comes to taking care of myself. The past year has been another Pepsi-chocolate-sugar fueled whirlwind of BAD. I take my medicine, but have missed all my doctor appointments and have in general been not good. So, 10 days ago (January 5) I started the “21 Day Sugar Detox”. There is a whole book and program devoted to it as well as a Face Book support group. I’ve been good! so excited. More on that later as well. Gotta run for now.


O.M.G.! Has it really been three YEARS since I was here? What in the hell got into me? So much has been going on and is going on now that I really am getting fired up to go at it again. Just found out one of my favorite bloggers, Sizzle, is retiring her blog. I see so many people doing that or, like me, just abandoned the thing for other endeavors. The guy who handles my site sends me messages every year when it is time to renew the subscription asking if I want him to just archive all my posts and send them to me and shut down the site. Well, um… no. I always had faith I’d get back to it. It just took time. Lots of time. So, bear with me as I post about some things that have gone on in my absence and some things that are new and eventually my timelines with come to a singular point. Good for you? Here we go…

Christmas Eve

Here's hoping you all have a good Christmas!

Sounds like we aren't the only ones who have seen a whole bunch of lousy weather. It is winter, I know, but did it have to be this bad this winter? Guess we don't have much say in it.

Dad still has not regained conciousness. They put in a trachostomy (sp?) tube in his neck a few days ago and also put a feeding plug into his stomach, so they were able to take the feeding tube out of his nose and the ventilator tubes out of his mouth and throat. The past couple of days they've been 'weaning' him off the ventilator. They keep some air flow going, but it is very little – just enough pressure so he doesn't have to work as hard to take a breath. Mostly he is breathing on his own, however. That's the good news. The bad news is, no sign of improvement. My mother keeps grasping at straws and gets her hopes up everytime he barely opens his eyes as they are moving him around, but the doctor still seems to think that is reflex. They did a new CAT scan yesterday with the newest neurosurgeon (they are on a rotation basis at this hospital and we're on our third guy)… he says there has been no change.

A few days ago they also started physical therapy with him, so that's also good. Keep him moving around. They did some tests and right now the only things he responds to (smell, sound, touch, pain)… is pain. Better than nothing, but not great. They've also had him on antibiotics for about four days but he still seems to be spiking fevers, even though they can't really find any infection. Say it just may be his "wiring" all screwed up.

I'm trying to stay optimistic, but isn't easy… especially if I have to be the voice of reason.

The weather has kept me home off an on. Is kind of lousy this morning, but am going to try and go down tonight. My mother-in-law is having her normal Christmas Eve plans tonight, then tomorrow a  couple of my kids are coming for Christmas dinner. Friday night the rest of them are coming for a belated gift -opening and pizza for all the kids who had to go somewhere else on Christmas. I'm hoping the weather allows them all to make it. I realize it could be so much worse – could be one of those people stranded in an airport right now. Ugh.

Didn't want to bum you all out… just keeping you up to date. On a last, happier note. I got a package in the mail night before last. I had just ended a particularily frustrating day with my mother (more later on that) and got home to see this package on the front bench. I looked at the return address, as I do, and saw it was from my friend in Northern California… the pie man. Well, seeing as I had already gotten my pie I couldn't imagine what he was sending. Opening it, I laughed  – first at the "man-wrapping". Wrapping paper taped together with packing tape. I know, I know, it wasn't duct tape, still… it is obvious to any woman that THAT was a man-wrap.  Opening it, I found to my glee a World of Warcraft stuffed talking murloc!! Most of you don't know what that is, but for any WoW person out there, you know. I would link, but am too lazy. You can google it if you want to know. They are creatures that in the game are troublemakers and in my case, kill my character. A lot. We joke on the game that if anything goes wrong in the real world, it must be the murlocs! It made my day. I now have my own personal murloc to torment when things go wrong. What a thoughtful… and fun…. gift. One I will treasure for the laugh it brought on that gloomy day.

On that note, I once again wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you and yours are warm, safe, in good health, and happy!

Back at home, a guest post

Hi! I'm Sue's daughter, Em. First off, she wanted me to tell you how much she appreciates all your comments and thoughts. She didn't think she was that popular:)

Her surgery went well, there were some delays getting her in and the procedure took a little longer than planned but there were no problems. She stayed overnight and went through the fun of trying to figure out what pain meds would actually work. Add Fentanyl to her list of fun drugs that have no effect. They finally put her back on Tylenol 3, I think. It seems to be the only thing that works. There was also a mild moment of panic (for me, anyways…she seemed blase about it) when they took her blood sugar late in the evening. It was around 520. Non-diabetic people are under 100, mom usually runs around 220. It got an eyebrow raise out of the nurse and they got her insulin to put it back where it should be. She hadn't been able to take her normal meds so it was expected that it would be wonky. Just not that wonky, I guess. She was able to sleep on and off during the night. This morning she passed the test of brushing her teeth so the physical therapist decided she was good to go. She made it home this afternoon after a less than fun drive home (we just got a ton of snow and the trip was bumpy). She's currently resting surrounded by kitties, with the exception of the one who likes to sleep on her chest. He may be quarantined until he learns the new routine. Her only complaints so far have been the lack of bendy-straws. I resisted the urge to make her demonstrate how she's been managing without them. There was a joke going around about drowning in the moat made by the brace.

So there you have it. She's a little sore but it has yet to affect her sense of humor. She's got her laptop at the ready when she feels up to it. If I know her, she's itching to get up and around. Jammie days are one thing, doctor imposed jammie days are another. Thanks for being there for mom, even if you're miles away in blogland!


Feelin’ Mighty Cocky

Yes, you heard me right. I’m feelin’ might cocky right now. Remember Monday? Yeah, right down there, below this post. I was bemoaning the fact we had no snow in the forecast. Mwhaa haa haa.

We are expecting snow. Big-time. Soon.

Rain starting today, turning colder tomorrow, to ice, then to snow on Saturday afternoon and a chance of HEAVY snow on Sunday and Monday. 6-12 inches. Blowing. Cold. You know, winter!

Some of you know what this means. Grumpy Bunny (not blogging at the moment), Miss Sizzle, and possibly one or two others of you… it means… jammie days are coming! Whoot!

I need to go buy a lottery ticket. Who knew I could be so powerful?

Putting Away the Christmas Decorations

Okay, to be honest, they’re still up at home. I decided I needed to put them away here in blog-land, however, so ta-da! Here we are fresh and new in our winter coat. Unfortunately, it is drab and grey and brown here in Iowa. I know, I shouldn’t complain. Hubs keeps telling me he’s happy not to have to fight the snow. I know in my mind it is safer for driving and walking and general well-being not to have a foot of snow on the ground (let alone ice). Me? I’m ready for a good two-feet of blizzard where I can snuggle up next to my fireplace with a bunch of warm-blooded critters and just veg. Not much hope of it in the forecast. Darn.

What’s Next?

Would you please look me over? Check my back… is there a target painted there I didn’t get washed off when I showered? Is there a black cloud over my head? Is “666” on my forehead? Something has to be saying it’s my turn…

I get to work this morning and my brand new wireless keyboard and mouse don’t work. At all. For some reason, Bluetooth thinks my license has expired? After an hour trying to get a “wired” keyboard and mouse to hook up (who knew the new computers all had wireless or USB connections and don’t even come with the old keyboard connectors?) I finally was able to access my computer to download a new driver which (computer provider to remain nameless) swears will fix this problem that they’ve never seen before. Egads! I’m a lab rat!