Fighting With the Avoident Side

So, Deb tells me I'm not anti-social, I'm avoidant. Nice to know. I'm trying to make up my mind what I want to do about something that came up this morning. On my way to work I see the neighbor is having a hosta sale. This is one of the neighbors that I have not met yet (i.e. not pissed off yet). I know from a friend who does know this woman that she has a beautiful greenhouse and is a collector of different varieties of hosta plants. I like hostas, and have several of my own. So, my dilemma is this: Do I go to the sale, introduce myself and potentially open myself up to new involvements or do I just avoid it and figure I've managed to go this long without meeting her what's another missed opportunity?

I'm open to suggestions, but you'll have to hurry. I get off work at noon.


That’s how I was awakened this morning by the neighborhood gun nut. I can’t believe this guy… even he’s reached a new low (pun intended). The temperature is -5 (without counting the windchill). He’s out there, shooting away … at … who knows? I knew he was an Asshat, I just didn’t know how big of an asshat he was!