Bears in the Woods

Okay. I’ve about had it. I’m all for nature and freedom and personal space and all that good stuff, but do I HAVE to listen to the jackass next door shoot his gun all afternoon long??? Granted, it is 1/2 mile away, but still… it sounds like it’s right outside my door. Boom! Boom! BOOM! Over and over. He’s got a whole mess of friends (I assume they’re friends) standing out in the yard shooting skeet and it’s aimed my way. DH is combining the field just to the south of JA house, and our property line goes pretty darn close to theirs in the woods – if he’d think about it, I may be out in the woods walking. Does he call and ask? Nooooo… I asked DH if JA was shooting at him in the combine or me in the house! He said the last time they did this (remember labor day?) they were shooting toward the timber – our house direction. Grrrrr. I’m NOT happy about this.

Running Wild

What a crazy day! I’ve been my own human whirlwind today!

Up early (a feat in itself – ask anyone!) and attacking the morning. DH and DS are still in the field, so I was good wife/mother and packed their lunches. I dusted, put in some laundry, and made a beeline for town where I proceeded to go crazy. I got groceries. I looked for fabric to make curtains for the livingroom, but after seeing the $25/yd prices I passed. I went to Lowe’s and bought some curtains and a rod and some blinds to put up in my bedroom (to block the ‘moon menace’). Also ordered some vertical blinds for the family room. Exactly the same ones I’d tried to get through Penney’s, only about $1000 cheaper… even with them coming out to install. Such a deal!

Then I noticed Earl May was having a sale on trees – free planting. Couldn’t resist. I figure they’re going to have one helluva time digging into that rock-hard earth to plant them, but better them than me. Also, if they die they can come out and re-do them! Such a deal! I got four! I managed to pick up a couple of pumpkins at 99-cents each, too. So cute on the front step.

Home, and I found out DS had already left for the races. DH, DD, and soon-to-be SIL all were getting ready to go. I stayed home (as usual) and baked coffee cake for breakfast tomorrow. Washed the deck, too, and fed the critters. The birds haven’t been around much lately – don’t know if they’ve already left for the winter, or what. The feeders have been full. I’m confused…

A quiet night will be had~ Hooray! I’m exhausted.

Picture Perfect

I’ve got a new toy…uh…tool. After several months of being frustrated with my cell phone going dead after about one or two short phone calls, I invested in a new phone. A new camera phone. Do I need this feature? No. Do I like this feature? I’ll soon find out. I also got suckered into the web connection. Oooooo… this I could like. A lot. Of course, I’m cheap and got the fewest connect minutes I could. That’s okay, since the people I usually call are my family and they’re all on the same company which promises me these phone calls will be FREE. I just know that I’ve been told this particular phone will go for two-and-a-half-DAYS without a charge. I’m expecting big things here. I always charge up daily, but just the fact that it should go that long without needing the charge should logically mean it will last a looooong time.

There is nothing so frustrating as calling tech support, listening to Muzak(in itself a BAD thing), then just when the human answers the phone dies. ARRRGGGHHH! Yes, this happened to me not two nights ago. Thank God another phone was near at hand and I was quickly connected (no Muzak this time!) and had the problem resolved quickly. Now, should the same problem rear its ugly head, I will be able to not only to wait forever (or at least two-and-a-half-days), but will be able to take pictures of the problem to entertain myself.

I have to go now. My phone is ringing.

Best Laid Plans

Isn’t there some saying about ‘best laid plans of mice and men…’? Yes, it rained. No, I didn’t get a nap. I had every intention of having a nap. I thought long and hard about a nap. I left work at noon to go home and take a nap. I was foiled.

I made a phone call. Never, ever, ever, ever call your spouse to let them know you are going home to take a nap. I won’t happen. I promise. I called and was asked nicely if I wanted to go to lunch. DH and DS were working in the field and DS’s girlfriend thoughtfully took him some lunch, but not DH. Fine. I usually pack lunches and send them in the morning, but this morning I didn’t since there was rain likely and DH said they’d fend for themselves. Suddenly, his fending for himself is becoming my problem.

This is do-able. I can go have lunch, then go home and nap. All afternoon. Rain pitty-pattying on the roof. Heaven.

Lunch. DH asks me sweetly if I’d like to ride 90 miles to neighboring town to deliver a load of soybeans. I’m a sucker for DH asking sweetly. I say yes. It’s not the greatest environment, but it does lock us in close proximity for a lengthy amount of time with few interruptions (occasionally his cell phone will ring) and we are able to have some of our more intelligent conversations on these trips. It’s a bonding thing.

On the way home I decide I’m getting a second wind and really should go look into getting a new cell phone. Mine has been getting worse and worse about holding a charge and there is nothing (almost nothing) as bad as having it go dead in the middle of critical conversations (like talking to tech support about a computer problem). I express to DH my plans and he tells me that DS has been complaining about his, too, so looks like this is turning into a family affair.

Home. 5 o’clock. Shoulda worked. No nap today! Sun is out again anyway – it no longer feels like a nap day. Maybe tomorrow..?

Shoulda Been a Cat

I’m sleep deprived. Again. I think the culprit has been identified as a large Snickers bar. DH had one at suppertime last night (he loves them dearly) and like clockwork, he was wide awake at midnight. This, to anyone who knows DH and myself, knows it means I’m awake. DH can’t be awake alone. He thinks he’s being quiet or “trying not to bother” me – but I am a light sleeper and when someone starts to either rub my (insert any bodypart) or talk to me, I wake up. WIDE awake.

Now the lights are on and we’re watching TV.

It’s 2:00 a.m. and the TV is off, the lights are off, DH is snoring, and I’m still awake.

2:30 a.m. and DH has stopped snoring, the lights and TV are still off, but I’m still tossing and turning.

3:00 a.m. and I’m counting the trains. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

6:00 a.m. DD has just come to close our bedroom door so she can make breakfast for herself without waking us. I’m awake.

9:00 a.m. I’ve been at work for a couple of hours and I feel like I’m in the Matrix during a fight scene. Super slo-mo and thick and having a hard time keeping up with myself. A nap is sounding really good. It’s supposed to rain today, so maybe I’ll be able to sneak off work early and slip home to bond with my bed. C’mon rain!


I’m a sucker for drama. Give me lines that touch the soul… or not… and I eat it up. I’m thinking today about television. I’m not a fan of sit-coms. Sure, there are a few out there worth mentioning: Will and Grace, Dead Like Me, Scrubs, Will and Grace, Dead Like Me. Okay, not that many.

I do love the crime and mystery genre, tho’. This is turning out to be a good season for me. CSI is venturing into New York. (Can CSI:Chicago be far?… how about CSI:Minneapolis?) The stand-by original CSI is still going strong and CSI:Miami has already killed off someone who was not the one I expected. I wasn’t thinking that the “cool, good-looking guy” would get it. Must be going into movies or something? Hmmm… Will watch for that. YD and I are facinated by the various colors they make the different CSI’s. It’s like it’s own version of the theme – like the different “Who” songs for each one. Vegas seems rather neon (and dark) and rather green – I’m always wondering why they work in such poor lighting conditions. Then I remembered they work on the night shift. Maybe I’m not cut out for this clue-figuring out after all. <rolling eyes> Miami seems all yellows and brightness. Sunlight and sunglasses. Now N.Y. is appearing as gloomy and gray and blues and rather fuzzy. I was enjoying the Miami show that took David Caruso to N.Y. and introduced us to the new team. I’m watching the camera switch back and forth between Caruso and Gary Sinease (sp?) and and when it’s on Gary I’m seeing what appears to be a smoke-filled gray room with barely any light coming in, and when they switch to Caruso suddenly he’s warm and yellow and standing in the sun. Huh.

I’m always a sucker for BBC Mystery Monday, too… tamer than the U.S. shows, yet I love the accent. You can tell me anything in a british accent and I’ll believe you.Robson Greene isn’t the most attractive man around, but he can act. So can a few others I see on those British shows. I like the books that some of these shows are based on, so that may be part of the attraction.

Still a lifer for Law and Order. All of them. Over and over I can watch these. Part of the fun is getting to see some actor play, say, a killer one week and a year later see them play a lawyer. My favorite was when they made the Lieutenant a drugged-out mom in about the second or third year, then she came on as TA-DA the Lieutenant. Perfect.

I was a fan of medical shows for many years, faithfully following E.R. (who can forget George Clooney on E.R.????<drool>) Then they lost me. I can’t even figure out when exactly they lost me, but it just doesn’t make my heart leap from my chest when I hear E.R. is on tonight. I’ve watched the new Medical Investigations. It’s okay, but I get irritated with the pretty unrealistic portrayals. I mean, if you’ve got something killing people and you don’t know if it’s airborn, or from touching, or whatever, do you walk in the room without a shred of protective gear except that cute little doctor coat? I mean, puleeze! At least lets see some gloves and a mask! DUH!

Okay, that’s the rant for today. I’m sure there are some other shows I’ve not mentioned that will be brought up from time to time. Feel free to tell me your favorites and why you love them. I’m always open to suggestions.

Is It Monday Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Soooo busy at work today.It’s been sooooo sloooooow for so long. I’m used to it. I’m not ready for this. Can the “big rush” really be here? Already? I need another week or so. I need another ‘jammie day’. Now.

Up at the “butt-crack” of dawn (as DH is fond of saying). Made lunches for DH and YS to take to the field. Harvest is resuming. Stuff is ready. Now. I want to go back to bed in the worst way…!

Grocery list keeps growing as I try and think of all the tasty ‘field food’ I need to come up with over the next few weeks. Has to be good, probably hot, portable, un-messy. I’m coming up blank. My head hurts. Why did I take a jammie day yesterday? I should have been a grownup. I’m paying for it now. Ugh.

Phone is ringing off the hook. Not for me since about 10 o’clock, thank goodness. I’ve been able to get something accomplished. Of course, I don’t feel like anything has been accomplished, but as long as the boss thinks so I’m fine.

Suppose I’d better get back to it…the sooner I get my work done, the sooner I can get back to jammie night…

Jammie Day!

Yippee!!! It’s Jammie Day!!!

Jammie day in my house means you hang out all day in your jammies, eat everything in sight, watch movies (or, in our case, the whole third season of “CSI” on DVD), don’t answer the phone, door, or e-mail, and basically VEG all day long! You forget about cleaning, laundry, cooking, showering*, all responsibility and become a person of leisure for the day.

Try it sometime… it’s fun!

*This is optional and is usually requested by other participants of jammie day before the day is over.

Adventures in Shopping

Had so much fun today! BOTH of my daughters and I went shopping today – all day!

We were originally just going bridesmaid shopping, but it ended up being extended. We started at the bridal shop where my older daughter who is the bridesmaid tried on oooodles of dresses. We got it narrowed down to liking one dress, but it didn’t come in the right color. Arrrggghhh! Will have some more searching to do. This took us past noon.

Stopped in town at a home decorating shop where I picked up a few things for the house, then on to the big city for lunch. After lunch we went to the mall where we all proceeded to get way too much makeup at MAC (love their stuff, tho’!) and way too much ‘other stuff’ at Victoria’s Secret. Walked off lunch in the mall…

Back home where we proceeded to drop off the things we purchased, switched vehicles, took care of the critters, and went back into town to rent movies and have supper. All in all a fun day – younger daughter and I are planning on having ‘jammie day’ tomorrow! Tried to get elder daughter to come join in, but she’s got company coming. Poor thing.

Youngest boy raced last night and tonight. Didn’t qualify last night, but did tonight and came in 6th! Good for him!! Sound asleep when DH came home…