Testosterone World

I’ve been watching the “CSI” marathon on Spike TV the past couple of nights and have noticed the overwhelming marketing campaign dripping with testosterone. I, not having that particular gene that makes me drool when I see the latest video game, pin-up girl, booze or grilled burger find it all rather a sad reflection of how our society views the male of the species. For one, I find it interesting that the marathon is taking place on a “mens network” at all! I have found over the years that a) women can stand the sight of blood, gore, and all forms of bodily waste much better than men can and b) despite “blond jokes” we can be logical and intelligent too. Just a thought.

Kinder and Gentler

I was getting ready for work this morning, muddling around in a half-awake daze, and I could hear raised voices coming from the livingroom. Hubby was loudly expressing his views on television news and television in general. He doesn’t like it, but he won’t turn it off. “What’s the alternative?” he asks. God forbid we should have peace and quiet! YD was trying to get him to look at it a different way (as well as the ‘turn it off’ suggestion) and was getting nowhere fast. He often expresses himself in this negative, loud manner – but is quick to say “I’m not mad at you!” …as if that makes it better. I suppose it does, in a way, as I certainly wouldn’t want him spewing all that negativity at something I’ve said or done, but it is still rather grating. Especially first thing in the morning.

Before I left, I made it clear I wasn’t happy about the negativity, but all that accomplished was making me feel bad for making him feel bad. Ended up calling him on the way to work to apologize. Does that make sense? In some warped universe, I suppose it does…