Pet Peeve

So, DH calls on my cell phone at work to ask me if we received a check in the mail that should have come several months ago knowing FULL WELL that I do NOT have a photographic memory, nor am I good with numbers, and that the computer program that will tell me if, in fact, this payment has been received is NOT HERE AT WORK, but HOME where I will not be for several hours yet. * This, of course, leaves me sitting here to stew in a bath of powerlessness and meaningless anger toward someone I really DO love with all my heart. Why, oh why does he do this to me?

*This is not a one-time thing

Getting With the Program

Some days I feel I’m being rather productive. This is not one of them. I tell myself I should be applying myself to the work at hand. The work at hand is not exciting. I tell myself I am being paid for doing this work. I am not motivated. I never used to be this way. I have a very strong work ethic and have never been one to shirk responsiblity. I am the one who shows up on time, loses no time in the break room visiting or drinking coffee (I’m not a coffee drinker anyway – love the smell, hate the taste). I work through lunch – having it at my desk while working – and leave no earlier than my full work day. I’m slipping.

Part of my reluctance to work is I know there are so many other things I could be doing that I’m sure would be way more fun. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job. I like the people I work with (fun). I like the work environment (casual). BUT the work that sits on my desk mocks me with boredom. It is not fun. It is not even the kind of work that will keep me busy for more than an hour or so. I’ve been dragging it out for a week in the hope that soon there will be mounds of new work coming in that will keep my mind and fingers occupied. Stupid work. Why can’t I win the lottery?

It’s Not Fair

Okay, so I’m airing out some frustrations here. I think there should be a lottery winner in MY state. There has NEVER been a lottery winner in my state! Oh, sure, piddlesome little $100,000 winners, but that doesn’t count. I’m talking the BIG money. I figure not only should it be someone from my state, but it could really be me. I know the clerks where I purchase said tickets are probably really tired of me saying, “One powerball ticket – oh, and make it a winner, please”. Tough. Just once it would be nice if that did the trick. I’d probably share SOMETHING with them. I’m not dumb. I know they have no control over the winning tickets. I’m hoping for some mind over matter here. I think I’ve got it figured out how I would handle it, too. Winning, that is. I’ve had this discussion many times with my significant other. We would make a list of all our friends. Our true friends. Anyone who wasn’t on that list after it was made known we’d won who showed up with their hand out was just SOL. I mean, you never really know who your friends are until you win oodles of money, right? Oh, yeah, we’d have to get an unlisted phone number, a big fence for the yard, a security system for the house and probably someone named “Bruiser” to deal with all those new-found relatives. I’d like to try it.