Manic Monday

Okay, so I know I’m supposed to be the good wife and all, but when DH gets up at 3 a.m. do I have to wake up, too? He’s not sleeping – he’s started combining beans and is stirring around trying to figure out what he’s going to do with them. He’s thinking and worrying and somehow thinks I must be up thinking and worrying, too. I know he’s not intentionally trying to drive me crazy (is he?) but it is. I toss and turn, listening to him muddling around the kitchen. Then I read a bit only to have him slip out onto the back deck and tap on the bedroom slider and make faces at me. <sigh> So, I finally drift back to sleep for a half an hour before my day must begin. Arrrggghhh!

Now it is almost noon and I get a pathetic phone call… “Are you going to be busy at noon?” Uh, well, I AM working. “Could you have someone bring me some lunch?” Who? The tooth fairy? Who but me would be available to take you lunch? Hmmm… Maybe he thinks I was cloned overnight. “I’m not paying anyone to help me, you know.” This is his way of letting me know that if I leave my job (therefore eliminating an hour or so off MY paycheck) it isn’t costing him anything. Man logic. I love it. The whiney voice gets me. Yes, I’ll leave work and go home and make him lunch (he’s not thrilled with fast food) and deliver it to the field. Not like he wasn’t up early enough this morning to make some lunch to take with him. Novel concept.

Maybe after I take him lunch I can sneak in a nap…