I start watching this about a year ago. I’m not sure what hooked me at first, because I’m not usually into puppets and I’m just on the edge of sci-fi. At any rate, something hooked me and I watched it all. Then it was cancelled! Why? Why does that always happen to me? Sometimes they cancel my current favorite show mid-season without ever resolving the story! I am realistic enough to know that the “4400” probably won’t tell all 4400 stories of the returned disappeared people, but to cut it off when they’ve only told 7? Are they coming back? For many, many years? Doubt it. The reason I’m saying this, is I heard a rumor that Farscape was coming back. I, for one, stepped out of my anonymous “comfort zone” last year and went online to join my voice with the rest of the protestors of this cancellation. Never truly expecting there would be something come of it, I was surprised – no, shocked! – to find out it may be coming back. BUT – do I dare to show too much enthusiasm? Does the rumor say it is only four episodes? What the…? Does anyone know what’s going on?

Bad Hair Bad Bad Bad

Anyone who knows me knows I get frustrated with my hair. Always have, always will. I can only go so long before I have to DO something to it. Usually involving scissors. Sometimes chemicals. I have two aunts – one on my mother’s side and one on my father’s side – who went prematurely white headed when they were in their twenties. Beginning my life as a brunette, I came down with a very distinct and unattractive ‘skunk’ chunk when I was in my twenties. My hair, although there is a goodly amount of it, is very fine. A hairdresser once referred to it as “frog hair” in front of my daughter and she throws that one up in my face every chance she gets. The end result of all this hairidity (it’s a PUN, people!) is that I a.) color my hair and b.) perm my hair and c.) only tolerate it until either a. or b. have run their course, then I resort to d.) scissors. Since my darling daughter is getting married next spring and my hair isn’t prone to growing quickly, I’ve been threatened not to resort to d. This has caused a problem. I already did it. <sigh> Now we fast forward to this afternoon when I will be going to my faithful hairdresser to see if she can rescue the ‘do’. I will be putting myself in her capable hands once more to return me to some form of myself that DH will be pleased with. (He is never ever pleased when afore mentioned scissors come out). Say a prayer…