Adventures in Shopping

Had so much fun today! BOTH of my daughters and I went shopping today – all day!

We were originally just going bridesmaid shopping, but it ended up being extended. We started at the bridal shop where my older daughter who is the bridesmaid tried on oooodles of dresses. We got it narrowed down to liking one dress, but it didn’t come in the right color. Arrrggghhh! Will have some more searching to do. This took us past noon.

Stopped in town at a home decorating shop where I picked up a few things for the house, then on to the big city for lunch. After lunch we went to the mall where we all proceeded to get way too much makeup at MAC (love their stuff, tho’!) and way too much ‘other stuff’ at Victoria’s Secret. Walked off lunch in the mall…

Back home where we proceeded to drop off the things we purchased, switched vehicles, took care of the critters, and went back into town to rent movies and have supper. All in all a fun day – younger daughter and I are planning on having ‘jammie day’ tomorrow! Tried to get elder daughter to come join in, but she’s got company coming. Poor thing.

Youngest boy raced last night and tonight. Didn’t qualify last night, but did tonight and came in 6th! Good for him!! Sound asleep when DH came home…

Hair Update

After carefully washing, conditioning, drying and curling with my curling iron. I am pleased to say I no longer look like my mother. Will need a good go-round with the gods of haircolor before I go back to work Monday, however, or I will scare the co-workers silly.

Question of the Millenium: Why can’t my hairdresser ever make my hair look like it is supposed to look when I imagine the end result in my mind?

Oh, well. I have a good hairdresser, she just seems to have a finishing problem. Does great with all she does except the final ‘fussing’ she does before I walk out the door. Sorry – I meant to say run out the door with my dark glasses on and my paper bag held up in front of my face so no one recognizes me before I can DO something with this hair I have just paid a fortune to have look like this. <sigh>