Is It Monday Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Soooo busy at work today.It’s been sooooo sloooooow for so long. I’m used to it. I’m not ready for this. Can the “big rush” really be here? Already? I need another week or so. I need another ‘jammie day’. Now.

Up at the “butt-crack” of dawn (as DH is fond of saying). Made lunches for DH and YS to take to the field. Harvest is resuming. Stuff is ready. Now. I want to go back to bed in the worst way…!

Grocery list keeps growing as I try and think of all the tasty ‘field food’ I need to come up with over the next few weeks. Has to be good, probably hot, portable, un-messy. I’m coming up blank. My head hurts. Why did I take a jammie day yesterday? I should have been a grownup. I’m paying for it now. Ugh.

Phone is ringing off the hook. Not for me since about 10 o’clock, thank goodness. I’ve been able to get something accomplished. Of course, I don’t feel like anything has been accomplished, but as long as the boss thinks so I’m fine.

Suppose I’d better get back to it…the sooner I get my work done, the sooner I can get back to jammie night…