Best Laid Plans

Isn’t there some saying about ‘best laid plans of mice and men…’? Yes, it rained. No, I didn’t get a nap. I had every intention of having a nap. I thought long and hard about a nap. I left work at noon to go home and take a nap. I was foiled.

I made a phone call. Never, ever, ever, ever call your spouse to let them know you are going home to take a nap. I won’t happen. I promise. I called and was asked nicely if I wanted to go to lunch. DH and DS were working in the field and DS’s girlfriend thoughtfully took him some lunch, but not DH. Fine. I usually pack lunches and send them in the morning, but this morning I didn’t since there was rain likely and DH said they’d fend for themselves. Suddenly, his fending for himself is becoming my problem.

This is do-able. I can go have lunch, then go home and nap. All afternoon. Rain pitty-pattying on the roof. Heaven.

Lunch. DH asks me sweetly if I’d like to ride 90 miles to neighboring town to deliver a load of soybeans. I’m a sucker for DH asking sweetly. I say yes. It’s not the greatest environment, but it does lock us in close proximity for a lengthy amount of time with few interruptions (occasionally his cell phone will ring) and we are able to have some of our more intelligent conversations on these trips. It’s a bonding thing.

On the way home I decide I’m getting a second wind and really should go look into getting a new cell phone. Mine has been getting worse and worse about holding a charge and there is nothing (almost nothing) as bad as having it go dead in the middle of critical conversations (like talking to tech support about a computer problem). I express to DH my plans and he tells me that DS has been complaining about his, too, so looks like this is turning into a family affair.

Home. 5 o’clock. Shoulda worked. No nap today! Sun is out again anyway – it no longer feels like a nap day. Maybe tomorrow..?

Shoulda Been a Cat

I’m sleep deprived. Again. I think the culprit has been identified as a large Snickers bar. DH had one at suppertime last night (he loves them dearly) and like clockwork, he was wide awake at midnight. This, to anyone who knows DH and myself, knows it means I’m awake. DH can’t be awake alone. He thinks he’s being quiet or “trying not to bother” me – but I am a light sleeper and when someone starts to either rub my (insert any bodypart) or talk to me, I wake up. WIDE awake.

Now the lights are on and we’re watching TV.

It’s 2:00 a.m. and the TV is off, the lights are off, DH is snoring, and I’m still awake.

2:30 a.m. and DH has stopped snoring, the lights and TV are still off, but I’m still tossing and turning.

3:00 a.m. and I’m counting the trains. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

6:00 a.m. DD has just come to close our bedroom door so she can make breakfast for herself without waking us. I’m awake.

9:00 a.m. I’ve been at work for a couple of hours and I feel like I’m in the Matrix during a fight scene. Super slo-mo and thick and having a hard time keeping up with myself. A nap is sounding really good. It’s supposed to rain today, so maybe I’ll be able to sneak off work early and slip home to bond with my bed. C’mon rain!