Picture Perfect

I’ve got a new toy…uh…tool. After several months of being frustrated with my cell phone going dead after about one or two short phone calls, I invested in a new phone. A new camera phone. Do I need this feature? No. Do I like this feature? I’ll soon find out. I also got suckered into the web connection. Oooooo… this I could like. A lot. Of course, I’m cheap and got the fewest connect minutes I could. That’s okay, since the people I usually call are my family and they’re all on the same company which promises me these phone calls will be FREE. I just know that I’ve been told this particular phone will go for two-and-a-half-DAYS without a charge. I’m expecting big things here. I always charge up daily, but just the fact that it should go that long without needing the charge should logically mean it will last a looooong time.

There is nothing so frustrating as calling tech support, listening to Muzak(in itself a BAD thing), then just when the human answers the phone dies. ARRRGGGHHH! Yes, this happened to me not two nights ago. Thank God another phone was near at hand and I was quickly connected (no Muzak this time!) and had the problem resolved quickly. Now, should the same problem rear its ugly head, I will be able to not only to wait forever (or at least two-and-a-half-days), but will be able to take pictures of the problem to entertain myself.

I have to go now. My phone is ringing.