Running Wild

What a crazy day! I’ve been my own human whirlwind today!

Up early (a feat in itself – ask anyone!) and attacking the morning. DH and DS are still in the field, so I was good wife/mother and packed their lunches. I dusted, put in some laundry, and made a beeline for town where I proceeded to go crazy. I got groceries. I looked for fabric to make curtains for the livingroom, but after seeing the $25/yd prices I passed. I went to Lowe’s and bought some curtains and a rod and some blinds to put up in my bedroom (to block the ‘moon menace’). Also ordered some vertical blinds for the family room. Exactly the same ones I’d tried to get through Penney’s, only about $1000 cheaper… even with them coming out to install. Such a deal!

Then I noticed Earl May was having a sale on trees – free planting. Couldn’t resist. I figure they’re going to have one helluva time digging into that rock-hard earth to plant them, but better them than me. Also, if they die they can come out and re-do them! Such a deal! I got four! I managed to pick up a couple of pumpkins at 99-cents each, too. So cute on the front step.

Home, and I found out DS had already left for the races. DH, DD, and soon-to-be SIL all were getting ready to go. I stayed home (as usual) and baked coffee cake for breakfast tomorrow. Washed the deck, too, and fed the critters. The birds haven’t been around much lately – don’t know if they’ve already left for the winter, or what. The feeders have been full. I’m confused…

A quiet night will be had~ Hooray! I’m exhausted.