Earplugs Anyone?

He’s still at it. I don’t think they even took a lunch break.

I baked a bunch of cookies for my man. I vacuumed like a fiend. DD and SIL2B went hiking (no, not in our timber for obvious reasons) then went to the old house and moved the dog kennel to a better place. Would be nice if the kennel would get done at the new house, but SIL1 threw his back out last week at work and is now out of commission for awhile. <sigh> I really do want to get my dog moved soon. Oh, I played ms-fix-it, too, and fixed the drawer that’s been broken (yes, I did say new house) for a week. Screw pulled out in the back and evidently this is a task for someone with small fingers? Go figure.

Took a brief survey of the screens and windows today and determined that they aren’t doing the job. Sometime in the past week when I wasn’t around, the window in the garage that was broken when we moved in got replaced. That’s the good news. The bad news is I’m finding out the slider screens have bug-sized gaps in them, as well as some of the actual window screens. Somewhere the bugs are able to get in between the screen and the window. When the window is shut, this isn’t a critical issue – but, now it’s cooled off and I want to shut off the a.c. and open up the windows and voila! there are bugs inside the screens. Somehow they got there, and somehow they shouldn’t be able to. I mean, what is a screen for, right?? Guess I’m going to have to make a nasty phone call to the contractor and try and figure out what’s going on. I’m dreading that.

Made spaghetti for supper, but I wasn’t hungry and DD is on the low-carb diet, so no pasta for her. DH and SIL2B enjoyed, however.

Hope the jackass next door gets a really sore arm.

Bears in the Woods

Okay. I’ve about had it. I’m all for nature and freedom and personal space and all that good stuff, but do I HAVE to listen to the jackass next door shoot his gun all afternoon long??? Granted, it is 1/2 mile away, but still… it sounds like it’s right outside my door. Boom! Boom! BOOM! Over and over. He’s got a whole mess of friends (I assume they’re friends) standing out in the yard shooting skeet and it’s aimed my way. DH is combining the field just to the south of JA house, and our property line goes pretty darn close to theirs in the woods – if he’d think about it, I may be out in the woods walking. Does he call and ask? Nooooo… I asked DH if JA was shooting at him in the combine or me in the house! He said the last time they did this (remember labor day?) they were shooting toward the timber – our house direction. Grrrrr. I’m NOT happy about this.