A Beautiful Fall Day

This is a beautiful fall day. Crisp, cool, but sunny. Most of the leaves are off the trees, but that’s okay – just means I can see the wild animals better. The birds are coming to the feeders and the squirrels are being silly. It’s been fun to watch.

I actually slept in this morning! wow! I can’t figure out why I was so tired, but I slept including the extra hour. Too bad it’s only one day…

I worked all day yesterday and that wasn’t fun. It was a pretty productive day, but my e-mail program was down until late afternoon. That wasn’t good. I called tech support and they told me they were rebooting their mail servers. Seems they have more trouble… At any rate, it finally worked before I went home. Got quite a bit done without interruptions. It’s nice to get something accomplished!

Dear Co-Worker

I am going to hunt you down and give you a painful wedgie.

You called me this morning to ask if I could do a special thing for you – yes, it would take a little time, but I can. You did a happy dance and thanked me… then proceeded to tell me they would be sitting in the field waiting for me to send the data to you. Thanks for all the time you are giving me to do this. Tell me… what were you going to do if I couldn’t do it? You are awfully cocky to think I’m that good. I am, but that’s beside the point.

Then, you had the nerve to call back for two more!… oh, and needed within the hour.

Kissing up will get you nowhere.

Ohmmmm Ohmmmm

It’s not working. I’m trying to be calm. I’m trying. REALLY. I see that skeptical look on your face, but I am giving it my all.

Yesterday I did not spew loud, nasty words all over my computer or co-workers when my printer drum cartridge gave me the message it was going to need replacing, then proceeded to stop working 30 minutes later. I have a large, high-end printer that is usually very well-behaved and gives me lots of time to order supplies (which I usually always have an extra stored for just such occasions). This time, no go. Okay… I’ll call the lovely woman in the home office who is in charge of such things. She thinks it will have to be ordered. She’ll have them overnight it. It should be here, in my hot little hands, oh…about 2 hours ago. It’s beginning to look like overnight to them and overnight to me are two different things. Now it’s becoming a critical issue. I’m going to be printing the backlog of stuff I’ve done for two days for two more days straight just to catch up! Arrrggghhh!!!

I’m usually such a patient person. (I told you to stop looking at me like that). This is not making me happy. Not. At. All.

To top it all off, I went to bed last night at a decent time, went right to sleep, then woke up WIDE awake two hours later, only to sit up for three hours trying to make myself sleepy. Woke up a few minutes before the alarm went off to pouring rain and now socked-in with fog again. My brain feels as if the fog has penetrated. All I really want to do is sleep… or hit something. I’m torn.

Dear Satellite Guy

I feel like I’m the bitch from hell. Why? Because all of a sudden everyone is annoying to me. Especially you. You, who told me back in February that DISH network was coming out with a new i-net satellite system in April for the new house… that we still haven’t gotten. Not that it is your fault, you tell me they haven’t followed through. Okay, but when I call you a week ago and ask you to see about the other providers because we really, really hate dial-up and where we live we only have those two choices…and you tell me you will look into it and call in a couple of days… Let’s say I’m not happy.

On a lighter note, your cousin (in spirit) Repair Person has called me back to tell me there are switches in the back of the fireplace remote control that can change the frequency so it will no longer turn on the upstairs one when you try and turn on the downstairs one. Nice to know some people really do follow through…

For some reason, the satellite guy we had before you turned out to be a total waste of time… too busy helping his kid get famous as an Elvis impersonator. I kid you not. Is it something in the genes? I thought you were different…

Wet Newspaper

That’s what it’s like outside today. Gray and messy – so foggy there is no form at all. I think the site level is something like 1/8 mile. I know I felt blind creeping into work. Not bad enough it’s still dark out, but then the fog on top of it. You never know what’s going to come out at you. By the time I got to work I felt like I’d used up all my stress muscles for the day… now just feel like jello. Ugh. Guess it’s got to be about Halloween – this is that kind of weather.

Call of the Wild

I’m so excited! The coolest thing happened this evening! It wasn’t dark yet and my husband was home and yelled at me to come look out the window. There was a HUGE buck standing across the creek from our house. DH thought it might have been at the salt lick I put out. I put it out a year ago, and have seen no evidence of anything using it, but then the timber and brush have been so thick this summer who could tell? The trees are losing enough leaves now you can actually see it.

We watched the buck meander down the creek a bit, then he crossed over to our side and followed the edge of the field until he was out of sight. DH said he would probably be back, as it appears to be a good way for the deer to move through, along the field edge and creek – lots of cover for them.

As I was watching the deer, I noticed another odd shape on a tree which started moving as I watched and turned out to be a racoon! Don’t usually see them, just the tracks. Had lots of them before we moved in, always getting into my birdfeeders and so forth, but after we moved we didn’t see so many. Now it looks like they may be coming back.

I just love it here. Wish I’d win that lottery so I could stay home all the time!

Sleepless in…Iowa

Four a.m.

DH starts talking to the cat. Why? Because he’s awake and he’s been scolded for talking to me at that hour of the morning and waking me. Yeah, I know.

I’m awake now laying in bed and trying to ignore him in the livingroom watching TV, making coffee, banging around in an intense effort to be quiet.

The alarm goes off. I’ve tossed and turned for two hours for what? The sky is full of lightening. It’s thundering. It’s raining! No drizzle-fog-crap today. It’s a downpour. Good. The garden and trees need it. My vehicle can use the rinse. The guys can use a break today.

The only thing that could make this day better is being able to crawl back into bed. Oh, well… you can’t have everything…

Dear Repair Person

I really do appreciate the fact you came when you said you would and you didn’t charge me for the trip, since, in effect, it was something you should have taken care of when the house was built. When I have a fire in the fireplace, it’s nice to actually see the fire… before you came it was merely a small blue glow, but now! Now it is a roaring fire – as it should be. I really hate to mention the small issue with the remote controls. It seems when you turn on the fireplace in the lower level, it turns on the fireplace on the main level! Wow! It doesn’t turn it off, just on… so… will you please come back and fix it? I’ve left a message… Waiting for your call…

Here Comes the Sun…

Sing along everyone!

What a glorious day! I can’t believe how beautiful it is today. The sun is shining, the wind is just a slight breeze, and it’s WARM… in the 70’s! Wow! To make it even better, I’m home! Yeah, I’m cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, all that ‘fun’ stuff, but I’m in my beautiful new home doing it, so life is good.

Have to take a moment and say ‘thanks’ to everyone who was sending good thoughts for my Dad. Talked to him this afternoon and he’s going to get to go home tomorrow! Sure, there will be several weeks of recovery, but he’s in a good mood and looking forward to the next one in January. Kicking himself (and if he wasn’t going to, I was) for not doing it sooner. Why is it the older our parents get the more like little kids they are? <sigh> I’m just so thankful it all went well and he’s getting along so well. Hopefully he’ll be good for Mom.

What a good day…