I can say that, right? I mean, this is sort-of private property and I can say anything? Okay, I’m saying SHIT. Remember the lovely day I was speaking of…was that only yesterday? Well, it’s gone. It’s dead. I can’t remember it. I’ve fallen into overload hell and now have to pay the price for my lovely day.

I went to work and found 43 e-mails in my inbox. 43. I repeat. Forty-three. You have to understand. On a bad day I get 6… so WTF?!?!?! Did everyone lose their minds but me? I mean, it RAINED…DUH! You can’t DO anything today outside so why are you calling, leaving messages, and e-mails? Oh… you think you’ll be able to do something Monday so, by GOD, you MUST HAVE THE INFORMATION TODAY.

I must explain something. I work with all men. Not just in my physical location, but throughout the entire company. There are a few token women in the home office who do ‘girly’ stuff (I hope I haven’t offended any of you ‘girly-girls’ as I was once one). Now, however, I do not deal with any of them. Ever. I only deal with men. Macho men. Stressed-out, disorganized, frustrating pigs. Okay, they aren’t that bad. They are however rather lost most of the time. They do not plan well. They decide at the last minute that they have a crisis and must have me do something for them, only to call back (after the said job is done) and find out they had it all the time – when I told them I did it a month ago, I really DID do it a month ago and if they’d just pulled their head out of their ass long enough to look around they would have seen it. I’m doing it again. I’m getting a little, what would you call it? It isn’t road rage, but…office rage?

At any rate, due to the rain and my supposed ‘day off’, I am working like a fiend today. All for Monday is done. Some of the backlog is getting caught up, and some things I need further info from other people. So, I’ve done all the damage I can do for today.