Dear Restaurant Manager

You did the right thing. Of course, it was your screw up in the first place, but at least you groveled appropriately and gave me free food. I will be back to your establishment. Thank you for your good service. Don’t fuck up again. It wasn’t fun.


DH called up late this afternoon. Due to unexpected circumstances (machinery breakdown) he was going to be done working at a reasonable time tonight and he would “cook”. That sometimes means he does cook food in my kitchen, but more often than not it means he will pick up take out. Works for me! So, he was so sweet he even offered to go to the grocery store with me on the way to pick up the food (two birds with one stone and all that). We call in the food order. We grocery shop. We go to pick up food order. I sit in the parking lot for 15 minutes. When he finally appears, he tells me he has been drinking free beer because they gave part of our order to someone else and had to re-make it. Okay, fine. They gave him that part of the order free, also. Good for them.

It gets ugly. We get home and open the five boxes of food and find only one of them is right. The one he waited for. WTF!?!? The rest weren’t even close to what they were supposed to be. I think someone else got the entire order, not just the one thing.

So, phone call to the restaurant. Talk to the manager. Told him I was coming back for the right food. 20 minutes? Okay. Did I mention we live 20 minutes away? See? This is not an uninvolved excursion.

To his credit, when I walked in the door he was waiting with my bag of food, plus a gift certificate for the value of the food we already had purchased. Apologetic as all get out, he was very nice and we will be back.

As for my quiet, relaxing evening at home….I wish DH would have just let me cook. It’s the thought that counts. Love ya, hon.

Dear Tech Support

I know you think you beat me. I felt that smirk on your face as you listened to me bitch about your upgrade. I caught that chuckle as you explained I appeared to be the only one having trouble. I refuse to accept that. In fact, I would like you to prove that to me. I want to see your call log and you show me that not ONE of the calls is related to the problems yours truly is having. Dare ya.Double dare ya.

And in other news:

I’m FINALLY back on track after the past couple of days of work-day hell. No nicer way to put it. Now that I’m kind of dug out of the hole, I can start on the pile of new stuff that has collected while I’ve been digging. May the Gods of phones please just give me a break!