God Bless All the Little Children

I’m calm now. I am still getting the error message from hell, but it appears to be sending my e-mail and I’ve not gotten any phone calls from people demanding to know where their stuff is at. I went to Symantec’s website and figured out how to fix my LiveUpdate that I suspect tech support screwed up when he was here. I have not had lots of calls today and it’s raining! Yippee!

I wish I could go home and crawl back into bed – for about a week.

It’s supposed to keep drizzling here today and get really windy and cold this afternoon. We’ve been lighting the fireplace in the evenings and it’s felt really good. I like it when the weather is lousy and you have nowhere to go. Unfortunately that’s not going to be the case for some time – until about December. Ugh.

Just letting those who care know that I’m feeling at one with the world again…