Family Moment

I’m having a bit of a frustration right now – not only with work, but with family. Not my immediate family – they’re great. No, I’m having elderly parents vs. only child syndrome. My parents aren’t all that old – early 70’s. In the past couple of years, however, my father’s health has deteriorated quite a bit. Mostly due to the need for a hip replacement – really, both hips. He’s been having trouble with pain, losing his balance and falling, and as stubborn as he is, this isn’t good. He’s growly on a good day, let alone when he’s in pain. He’s also very independent and hates to have anyone fussing over him. He falls, then won’t let anyone help him get up. He’s 6’5″, so that’s a long ways to fall, and a lot of man to get up.

When I was younger but living away from home, my mom would whisper into the phone “Your Dad’s not feeling very well today. He has (insert ailment here). He would have a cold, or a touch of the flu, or occasionally something worse, but God Forbid he should want me to know about it. It was a secret that had to stay between my mother and myself or else Dad wouldn’t tell Mom anything. Weird, I know. Welcome to my world.

At any rate, he’s been having trouble now for a couple of years with his hips and has been in quite a bit of pain. After several doctors telling him he needs this surgery, he’s finally agreed to it. I’m guessing the pain has gotten so severe he can’t live with it anymore and we keep telling him if he doesn’t do something soon he’ll fall and break it and be forced into the operating room, or end up in a wheelchair. Part of this I think is fear. He was in the hospital about 4 years ago for some tests and told us then that it was the very first time he’d ever been in the hospital – he wasn’t even born in a hospital!

I’m frustrated because it’s so hectic at work right now and I won’t be able to get off to go be with them. The surgery will be a day and he’ll have to be in the hospital for about 3 days at least, and it’s a good day’s drive away from where I live. I’m feeling guilty because I’m not there, but know if I were there it would probably just make him more uncomfortable. Oh, I don’t know… right now my brain is just fried. Too tired to make any sense of anything except I feel badly for Mom, glad Dad is finally getting something done. Hoping it’s going to bring him relief, and wishing it was over.

Just having a family moment. Thanks for listening.

Apologetic Thoughts… Or Not

I’m grouchy. I admit it. This time of year I turn into a Bitch – yea, with a capital ‘b’. I get pulled in too many directions and have too many interruptions. I’m feeling sorry for losing my temper. Okay, I’m not feeling THAT sorry… in fact, the more I think about it, I’m really not feeling very sorry at all.

It’s a gloomy day here. Drizzle. Cold. Not really a rain that will bring things to a halt, just enough to be depressing. My phone is still ringing off the hook. I am still way behind. I am trying to figure out if I ignore certain people what the repercussions will be. Just kidding. Actually, I’ve had a brainstorm of sorts. I am going to work on a request form that the plant managers will have to fill out to send to me. This will take care of a couple of problems. One, I won’t have to take the time to fill out that paperwork. Two, they may actually have to THINK about what they’re doing to the extent that they either decide they don’t really want it, or they really do and if they do, they are truly knowledgable about what it is they are wanting. Not just throwing stuff out there and making me come up with some of the information that they

should be providing.

I know. This is clear as mud. Just remember the part: This will take care of a couple of problems. That’s a good thing. Now I just have to come up with the time to do the form in an electronic way, and write “instructions for dummies” they can follow. There goes my Sunday…

I am back in the land of the cell phone accessible. After forking over large quantities of money, I am now the proud owner of the same cell phone…only the dry version. Had to take a new picture of DH to use as my opening screen. Not as good as the first one. Wish I had thought to send the first picture to my desktop before I drowned the phone. I don’t have very many pictures of him.

That’s it for now.