Thanks to the Powers that Be

Just a quick thank you to the Powers that Be for protecting my dad through his operation. He came through fine and raring to go home. Hope he feels that way when the pain meds wear off! My aunts and uncles were there for my Mom, too, which I didn’t know earlier that they were going to be there, so I feel much better about not being able to be there myself. I was able to talk to my dad right before he went into surgery, and that made me feel a little better, too. Wanted him to know I was thinking about him even though I couldn’t be there.

I’ve had a relationship with God throughout the years that I feel is a good one. He/She is very much a part of my life, although DH and I don’t believe in “organized” religion. We’ve both had bad experiences with that and have felt the people part of organized religion is what ruins it. We’ve raised our children without benefit of organized religion, but have tried to impress upon them the ‘Golden Rule’ and the basic tenets of the Ten Commandments. I know there have been times over the years when I have tried to make religion a bigger part of my life – in effect giving the church another chance, but every time I do I get burned, so think I will just keep my relationship with God a private one… well, as private as sharing with you all can be…

At any rate, just wanted once more to affirm that I am a believer and do thank God for watching over me and mine again.