Ohmmmm Ohmmmm

It’s not working. I’m trying to be calm. I’m trying. REALLY. I see that skeptical look on your face, but I am giving it my all.

Yesterday I did not spew loud, nasty words all over my computer or co-workers when my printer drum cartridge gave me the message it was going to need replacing, then proceeded to stop working 30 minutes later. I have a large, high-end printer that is usually very well-behaved and gives me lots of time to order supplies (which I usually always have an extra stored for just such occasions). This time, no go. Okay… I’ll call the lovely woman in the home office who is in charge of such things. She thinks it will have to be ordered. She’ll have them overnight it. It should be here, in my hot little hands, oh…about 2 hours ago. It’s beginning to look like overnight to them and overnight to me are two different things. Now it’s becoming a critical issue. I’m going to be printing the backlog of stuff I’ve done for two days for two more days straight just to catch up! Arrrggghhh!!!

I’m usually such a patient person. (I told you to stop looking at me like that). This is not making me happy. Not. At. All.

To top it all off, I went to bed last night at a decent time, went right to sleep, then woke up WIDE awake two hours later, only to sit up for three hours trying to make myself sleepy. Woke up a few minutes before the alarm went off to pouring rain and now socked-in with fog again. My brain feels as if the fog has penetrated. All I really want to do is sleep… or hit something. I’m torn.