It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The Christmas Tree dilemma has been solved. My mother-in-law figured out she wanted a new tree, so I got her barely-used-almost-new one! She just didn’t like it because it was large and heavy… and she’s not. So, it was pretty hard for her to get it put up. I’m planning on putting it downstairs in the family room and will just leave it downstairs in storage after Christmas, so won’t worry about having to take it up and down stairs. Am hoping DH brings it over soon so I can get it up – I gave him the deadline of next weekend, so suppose that’s when it’ll show up.

I did get my little trees lit again by the front door (now that Thanksgiving has come and gone DH will let me…). I put up a wreath and bought some candles for the windows, but haven’t gotten them up yet. Will need a ladder to get them up in the dormer windows! Hoping to put some lights on the porch railing, too. I was dumb when we built the house and didn’t have the eve-plugs put in for lights. One of those things you figure out later you should have done. So, probably won’t hang lights all over.

We got our first snow!!!! Only about 1″, but it was enough to make it white!

Then, the coolest thing – there was a full moon and DH was up looking out the window about midnight and woke me to show me the big deer buck standing in the back yard in the moonlight. It was sooooo cool.

The Maid

Just call me the maid.

I have just worked my ever-lovin’-butt off! I have cleaned this place from top to bottom, cooked not one, but TWO turkeys, baked two pumpkin pies, grocery shopped for a feast, and managed to somehow keep my sanity.

I’m going to go collapse now.

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

I found out today that the Brenda Lee song I’ve titled this entry with is something like the second most popular Christmas song. That’s hard to believe, what with all the songs to choose from! I was really proud of myself that I even knew who sang this… my daughter called from the mall to ask me who sang it and it popped in my head.

It’s rather a weird trivia thing my family has going. Usually whenever I can remember part of a movie stars’ name, or the name of a song, or the person who sang a song, my DH and I can come up with the name. Now my kids have picked up on this odd talent. My younger daughter can usually come up with singers from the 60’s and 70’s and more recent – and she wasn’t even born until the 80’s! She wins lots of trivial pursuit games having anything to do with old movies and old songs. I’m an old movie buff… love the old classics. Made the kids watch them many times when they were growing up – especially the Christmas ones at Christmas time.

So… when she called me today to ask about the song, I was impressive even to myself that I knew Brenda Lee sang this song. Not one of my favorites, but nonetheless it is in the spirit of the season.

Might be going Christmas tree shopping again this afternoon… just gotta get this done. It’s driving me nutso. Okay, I’m already nutso… just more so. I heard that.

List be Done

If it was only so easy to make my ‘to do’ list disappear! Say the magic words and… voila! The chores are done.

It’s been raining here for two days. Two days of sort-of rain… drizzle…cold…windy…ick. I woke up this morning and made an executive decision. No one would be working in the fields today, so I was taking the day off work and getting some things done at home. Yeah, right. The thought was made with every good intention, but we all know the familiar phrase about a certain road to hell…

I did manage to accomplish a couple of things today. One, I got my fax machine cleaned so I now make crystal clear copies and faxes. That was fun considering I’d never done it before and after moving to a new house I had no clue where the manual would be. Thank goodness for the internet! I was able to download the manual, fix the problem, and go on to the next thing. That involved setting up a wireless network in my home. I’ve had the hardware, but no time to set it up since moving and now am able to get things off my desktop at the click of a button. Or print. Or get online. It’s very nice. It will be even better when the nice man at the internet provider gets in touch. That’s another story.

I even cleaned my oven. Oooooo… Yeah, okay, it’s a self-cleaning oven, but still

Those of you who have been following my Christmas saga will be happy to note I got the cutest fake trees in urns (lighted, of course) to put on each side of my front door. Very classy. DH comes home… ‘Isn’t it a bit early for Christmas trees?’ No, I did not act on my violent momentary thought. I unplugged said trees and will plug them in again next weekend… when it can be officially the Christmas season.

Still looking for a decent looking big tree for the family room that is a.) lighted and b.) doesn’t cost me my first born child. I can find a., but b. is becoming a problem. I was going to go for two trees, but that is beginning to look decidedly NOT an option. I am still considering going with a large one upstairs and the groupings of three of the ‘woodsy’ type ones for down… or I’ll do the big one down and just cover my 10′ ficus tree with lights upstairs. Still considering.

One more project I’m trying to finish before next week involves painting and large canvases. I have a wall downstairs that I’m wanting to hang some large abstract art on, and being as I’ve got a semi-artistic streak, I was going to just do them myself. That’s okay, as long as I get them done in time for them to get dry and hung… maybe better be starting those soon, huh?

Last, but not least, on my ‘dressing up the house’ list is a photograph art wall. I’ve got spotlights installed with the intent of hanging some of my favorite photos of the kids, pets, etc., all done in black and white on this wall. I was going through some old photos today trying to find some of my favorites, and I’m ended up with waaaay too many. Damn, my kids were cute… I know, that sounds awfully conceited, but they were! Now, my daughter says to me… ‘you mean we’re not cute anymore, huh?’. NO, that’s not what I mean, smart-ass. But, you were cute… <sigh> Guess I’ll just have to make some hard decisions.

No wonder I’ve not had much time to write lately…!

O Christmas Tree

Yeah, I’m back at it… again. Probably will be until after Christmas. Right now it comes in bursts. I’m trying to figure out what to get people for gifts that will be useful, fairly practical, yet fun or at least something they’ll like. I’m trying NOT to be so practical that they know exactly what they’re getting.

For years my DH had not one iota of excitement for Christmas. Why should he? Every single year his mom would get him a pair (maybe two) of jeans, a t-shirt, and maybe a flannel shirt. This is his “uniform”… we tease him. It’s what he wears each and every day. BUT this does not mean, even if he needs them, that it is an appropriate gift. For one thing, she wouldn’t even buy him the jeans he liked – only bought him something ‘inexpensive’. Then he had to return them every year if he wanted to get something he liked. I would hate Christmas too, if that was the way it worked year after year.

I broke that mold (thank goodness!). Now I think he still dreads the spending of money, but he enjoys Christmas more than before. He at least has a bit of a chance of a surprise.

I try to get the kids (all grown) something fun, if not a little practical, and I still do stockings for all of them where I put all kinds of little silly things. They always know they have a huge orange and a huge apple coming in the stockings… probably some chapstick… and at least three of them like candy (one son doesn’t, so he gets other strange things). Then I find odds and ends that seem to agree with their personality. This is fun for me to look for little inexpensive things that can be surprises.

Sometimes I actually make them something. One year I made them all huge afghans. They’d all liked the one I’d made for DH, so they all got to pick out their own yarn and I made them all and had them ready to open for Christmas. That was a nice one.

Part of the fun for me is just figuring out what to get them… then trying to find it. Sometimes that is the hard part! I’m not one that has the time or patience to wander stores aimlessly until I find something that strikes my fancy. I want to know what I want, then hopefully, be lucky enough to find it in the first or second place I look. I do have a hard time i-net shopping, though, unless I’ve seen the item “in person” first. Then I can purchase over the i-net fairly confidently. I’m a hands-on shopper, though, and want to make sure before I buy that it is the right size/color/shape/ whatever. I’m not crazy about the crowds in the stores, either. It goes along with my anti-social nature.

Well, that’s all … I’m just musing out loud (or not, as the case may be).

Pretty Well Says It All

You Are From Neptune

You are dreamy and mystical, with a natural psychic ability.

You love music, poetry, dance, and (most of all) the open sea.

Your soul is filled with possibilities, and your heart overflows with compassion.

You can be in a room full of friendly people and feel all alone.

If you don’t get carried away with one idea, your spiritual nature will see you through anything.

Turkey Time

To most of you this means it’s nearing Thanksgiving. To me, this means a little different thing. Our company distributes free turkey’s to all of their customers who spent x-amount of dollars with the company this year. So, actually, it’s not ‘free’ free, but it’s a nice gesture. The only trouble is, it comes at our busiest time of year! This means, not only are the guys I work with stressing big-time about getting fertilizer on the fields, but now they are stressing about having to deliver thousands of turkeys (company-wide).

Personally, I don’t mind it…but then, I only deliver a few to the landlords and people that my husband farms with. It is a nice opportunity to touch base with these people and thank them for their support and business through the year – without asking them for money or having to pay them money – or having some stressful topic to have to discuss. Most people are surprised to be getting ‘something for nothing’, too. That doesn’t happen often nowadays, either.

So, next week we start the mad rush to deliver the birds… Hey, I get one, too! That just means it can’t be long until Thanksgiving day…

Gung Ho

Not only is the wedding ‘on’, but today we (bride-to-be and myself) went to look at a bridesmaid dress that had been ordered in to check for style. Just got back, and it’s a beauty. Will work perfectly, and the price isn’t too bad. Things are progressing. Whew! She tells me things are better than ever since the blowup. Seems they were having a bit of a misunderstanding on some things but the air has been cleared and it’s all been resolved and there is peace in ‘engagement land’.

The day is sunny, windy and cool. A crisp fall day. I’ve heard it could change later today – becoming cloudy and raining tonight. Earlier they were talking about snow coming after midnight, but now I think they’ve taken that out of the forecast. Darn. I really am looking forward to the first snowfall.

Yesterday I had to be on the road for a couple hours running an errand, and it gave me time to reflect on how much has happened this year. For one thing, it was a year ago this week that we broke ground on our new house. It hardly seems possible. I remember looking out at the creek and trying to picture how the house would sit on the site and what it would all look like. Now, it’s here! I told DH that early this morning I was awake, lying in bed, when I briefly saw car lights on the wall. That was a surprise! Since we moved in the leaves on the trees have been too thick to allow any light from the road to penetrate. It’s still quite a ways from the house to the road, so it’s not going to be a bother, it was just surprising that it was noticable at all!

The other thing I’m noticing is although I’ve always been rather a ‘homebody’, I’m waaaay worse now. We went out to dinner last night and it turned out I really didn’t want to go. I wanted to be home. I’m all for someone else cooking – I can do takeout – but I really want to be curled up in front of the fireplace watching tv in my snuggly jammies. Felt really good to get home.

Well, I feel I’ve accomplished something today so will just be comforted in knowing all is right with the world. Again. For now.

Fa La La La La

Yeah, I’m back singing Christmas songs. Things must be right in the world again. Well, close, anyway. I’m never quite myself when my kids are messed up. It’s a ‘mom thing’. I try really, really hard not to interfere, and yet make myself accessible to them if they want to talk. So far it’s worked out pretty well… (Keeping my fingers crossed).

I’ve been looking for a new Christmas tree. New house, new tree. Old house wasn’t very big and had lower-than-normal ceilings. New house has high vaulted ceilings. Could use a big tree. However, my bank account can’t do a one of those big big big trees. They’re beautiful, but gee whiz! It’s just a fake tree, people! Worse, I have room for 2 trees… or maybe three… I found out recently that we’re going to have my office christmas party at our house, too. This means, it not only has to be as perfect as I can make it for my family, but also for my co-workers and their spouses (the women who will notice every little thing). The guys will only notice a.) the pool table b.) the big-screen TV that we don’t have and c.) the food and beverages – heavily on the alcohol. This will end up being a kind of house-warming/christmas party, so it’s got to be really perfect. I’m getting lots of ideas, but it’s almost mind-boggling the choices I have.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have such mixed tastes. I like everything. I’ve gone more contemporary with the new house, but still like more traditional stuff, too. Makes it much harder to define style when you have many different ones. Will keep musing on this…

In the meantime, I hear I’ve been asked to accompany DH, daughter and youngest son to a movie and dinner tonight. I realize it is a chain (God forbid), but I still like Red Lobster and here in the middle of the country it’s about the only place for decent seafood. I’m really looking forward to it. Haven’t been out for ages (at least a couple of months – since before harvest started). Whooo hooo!

… heard a rumor we could have rain tomorrow night changing to snow after midnight… yippee!