Young Love

As far as I can tell the wedding is still on. To my surprise, daughter invited SIL2B to town for the weekend to talk it over – and to get the engagement pictures taken. This is a good sign, I’d say. He tells me that she’s got a month to figure out if she wants to go ahead on the pre-picked date or if she wants to postpone.

He thinks a lot of the trouble is the long-distance relationship. The more he lives away from her, the more he’s beginning to hate the city and his job. Thinking of moving back in this area. I know that would probably help in some respects, but hope it’s not just a temporary fix. He’s really trying.

I don’t know what to say – or if I should say anything. How do you apologize for your daughter being exactly like you? That’s a hard one. I am very independent in some respects. DH calls it “only child syndrome”. This is not necessarily the case with my daughter – she’s not an only child! She still seems to like her ‘space’ and finds herself liking to do things alone some, too, just as I do.

I certainly hope it works out. He is a really good guy and she does seem to love him and he her. I am keeping in mind that they are young and this could be just some ‘pre-wedding jitters’. She says she only wants to do this once, and I admire that. I’ve been married before and so has her older sister. We both have had good/bad parts to the divorces and dealing with the exes… but no knock-down-drag-outs. We’ve been civil. I just know she’s wanting to try and make it work and part of that is being sure she’s found the right guy. Sometimes I also think she’s too much of a perfectionist – another trait I have. I’ve not found I’m that way with people, but with about everything else in my life. I’ve mellowed some over the years, but still find myself reflected in her personality to a great extent. DH calls her my ‘clone’… we’re so much alike.

Will keep my fingers crossed that the next month goes well…

The Last Hurrah

I hate to say it, but I think this is the last of the summer. It got up in the 70’s today! That’s incredible! Tomorrow they’re saying only in the lower 50’s – with a chance of snow mid-week. I tried to get some stuff done today but by the time I worked this morning then ran errands, I was so tired. I just came home and crashed.

DH got done harvesting today! Yippee! Still have field work to do, but at least the harvest is done. That’s a relief. Youngest son that’s been helping this fall is now saying he’s thinking he’d like to do this all the time. Oh, my! As much as we wanted that, we never thought it would happen. He’s not seemed interested in the farm since he was about 10. This is good and bad. Good because DH could definately use the help. Bad because we’ve got to figure out how to make it work money-wise. It will take some number-crunching. We’ll have to have some discussions about this to see if it will work for all of us.

I think I’m finally going to get my dog moved to the new house tomorrow! He’s been at the old house since we moved… trying to get the kennel done at the new house. I think we’ll finally get the last of it done tomorrow and he’ll get to come home. I miss him, dumb dog. I’m getting a new puppy either the end of this month or mid-December. Am so excited about that! I had a Shih Tzu for 17 years that had to be put to sleep two years ago due to some major health issues. She was my sweetie and went everywhere with me. She was such a good girl… I’ve finally gotten to the place where I’m ready to open my heart to another one. Right now we’ve put a deposit down on one that was born early in October. She’ll be a tiny one – smaller than the one I had – but it should be great. I’ve been getting pictures of her ever week and she’s growing and getting cuter every day (if that’s possible). Will really add to the family.

We have a rather large ‘family’ of critters. Over the years we’ve had all kinds of dogs, cats, fish, rabbit, hamster, rats, pig, and chickens… with four kids it can get to be quite a houseful. Now we’re ‘down’ to four house cats, the beagle who is coming home tomorrow, the ‘snoodle’ who lives with my son and the coon-hound-shepherd mix that belongs to my youngest daughter and who is also living at the old house with my son. We are very good friends with our veterinarian! At any rate, they all have their own personalities and quirks and don’t let anyone tell you they don’t have feelings or that they don’t know anything. They are smart and they do respond to love and attention. With the exception of the new Shih Tzu puppy, they are all ‘pound’ or ‘found’ critters we have adopted from a shelter or from someone who could no longer keep them. We’ve had animals that have been abused and abandoned that we give love and affection and they’ve turned from animals from hell into the nicest, sweetest animals. It’s amazing what a little love can accomplish. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Looking forward to tomorrow… If it has to be cold, at least I hope the sun shines. That always makes it seem a bit warmer…