Fa La La La La

Yeah, I’m back singing Christmas songs. Things must be right in the world again. Well, close, anyway. I’m never quite myself when my kids are messed up. It’s a ‘mom thing’. I try really, really hard not to interfere, and yet make myself accessible to them if they want to talk. So far it’s worked out pretty well… (Keeping my fingers crossed).

I’ve been looking for a new Christmas tree. New house, new tree. Old house wasn’t very big and had lower-than-normal ceilings. New house has high vaulted ceilings. Could use a big tree. However, my bank account can’t do a one of those big big big trees. They’re beautiful, but gee whiz! It’s just a fake tree, people! Worse, I have room for 2 trees… or maybe three… I found out recently that we’re going to have my office christmas party at our house, too. This means, it not only has to be as perfect as I can make it for my family, but also for my co-workers and their spouses (the women who will notice every little thing). The guys will only notice a.) the pool table b.) the big-screen TV that we don’t have and c.) the food and beverages – heavily on the alcohol. This will end up being a kind of house-warming/christmas party, so it’s got to be really perfect. I’m getting lots of ideas, but it’s almost mind-boggling the choices I have.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have such mixed tastes. I like everything. I’ve gone more contemporary with the new house, but still like more traditional stuff, too. Makes it much harder to define style when you have many different ones. Will keep musing on this…

In the meantime, I hear I’ve been asked to accompany DH, daughter and youngest son to a movie and dinner tonight. I realize it is a chain (God forbid), but I still like Red Lobster and here in the middle of the country it’s about the only place for decent seafood. I’m really looking forward to it. Haven’t been out for ages (at least a couple of months – since before harvest started). Whooo hooo!

… heard a rumor we could have rain tomorrow night changing to snow after midnight… yippee!