Dear Satellite Service Provider

What IS it with you people in the satellite industry? I’ve put in phone calls and e-mails to several companies trying to get hooked up with satellite internet service and no one seems to want to do business with me! This is not a cheap project, either. I’ve contacted one company who said they’d get back to me in a week with options and cost breakdowns and I’ve heard nothing else from them – for a month! I contacted a couple of others and they’ve not even returned my e-mails. Of course, perhaps number one balked because I asked for references? I mean, when you are putting out several hundred dollars and someone is coming into your home to do this, can’t you at least ask for a name of someone they’ve done business with – since I’ve never done business with them myself? Is that too much to ask? Arrrggghhh!

I want faster internet. That’s it. Unfortunately, we live in the country and we live on the edge of a forest, so no direct line of site to a wireless tower…and too far out of town for DSL. I have a clear line of site to the southern sky and do have a DISH network service for television, so theoretically I’ve been told it would work to have satellite internet. But I need someone to install it and service it! Where ARE you?

Frustrated in Iowa.