I’m bummed. Had to cancel a work-related party last night, then tonight I was to go to Amy Grant and Vince Gill concert. I’ve been looking forward to it and had even joined his fan club to buy tickets ahead of time to get good seats. Grrrrr…. I gave the tickets to my youngest son and his girlfriend. Hope they enjoy it.

DH went to another party that some friends of his were having.

Younger daughter was going to party with her fiance’. They left in good spirits.

Eldest daughter was going to a motel in the big city with her husband and Christmas shopping. Sounds like fun.

I’m sitting here blogging. Exciting. (Do you feel the sarcasm?)

I postponed the office Christmas party that was supposed to be here next weekend. There is no way I’m going to have the house ready for a party with this bum leg. Guess we’re going to wait until after New Year’s to have it. Just got invited to another party next weekend anyway, so hope I’m at least up to going to one…it’s my birthday, too, and want to have something fun to do for a change.

Feeling rather lonesome tonight… maybe I’ll get the puppies out to play…