Missing You

Yes, I’ve been missing for a bit. Life has been rearing its ugly head in and giving me NO time to spend with you, dear reader. It’s been a zoo…

I’m still hobbling around with a bum knee. This in itself has been a test of my patience. Every time I think I’m getting better I get a twinge or it locks up. The doctor will be sooo happy to see me again next week with my whining and bitching. I got yelled at when I went last time for not being good about my diabetes. Back on meds and feeling worse than ever. Why is that? I don’t take care of myself I feel great (knee excepted), then I take meds and try to watch myself and I feel lousy. This is NOT a happy thing.

Puppies are great. They are full of energy and growing like crazy. Still working on potty-training, but this will be a long-term thing, I’m sure. They make me smile just looking at them.

Christmas was terrific. All the kids came Christmas morning and it was a wonderful time. Some had other places to be for dinner, but that was fine. I made way too much food, as usual, and we’re still eating leftovers. I’ve been a bit weepy lately because I think this is probably going to be the last Christmas we’re all together for awhile. Oldest son is graduating college in the spring and is talking of moving out west. Younger daughter gets married in the spring and will be moving to another state – not too far away, but I’ve heard talk of a two-year committment there, then moving further out west also. Eldest daughter’s husband is going back to school this spring and when he graduates (a few years from now) they will not be staying in the area, I’m sure. It’s going to be a chore just to get us all together. I go from being depressed to feeling petty for being depressed. Can’t win. I see a sappy commercial and I’m bawling like a baby. Hmmm… may have to ask the doc if hormones could be raging. I am getting “up there”…

New Years is just around the corner. I’ve been listening to the death tolls rise from the natural disaster that has hit India and surrounding areas. We have people from our town that went the Sri Lanka for a daughter’s wedding that have not been heard from… we’ve seen all the stories of lots of other loved ones missing or dead. Even though I’m whining, I do feel so blessed to have my family healthy and close. I pray the next year will bring some hope and renewal for all those who have been harmed by this.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and will have a good New Year.