Is It Over Yet?

I’ve been waiting with baited breath for this month to be over. With all the frantic wedding plans, plus helping my parents find a new house and move into it as well as trying to maintain a job and a relationship with my husband, I’ve been anticipating the end of this month.

I realize that it is foolish to expect a calendar to change the way things go in the world, but it is symbolic that we are moving into a new month and hopefully, a calmer, quieter time.

Unfortunately, we have to get past daylight savings time “springing forward” this weekend. Arrggghhh!!! I really hate this. In the original creation of this brainstorm, it was explained as a way to give the farmers more daylight. Well, people, I’m here to say that I’m married to a farmer and we now have a wonderful new creation called headlights! No longer are we stranded in the middle of a field trying to get the horse to go home when the sun goes down. I haven’t spoken to one farmer who wouldn’t like this stupid thing to go away. Some of our lawmakers hemmed and hawed about it for a bit, but didn’t get very far. Wouldn’t it be nice if some common sense showed itself?

Just rambling here…

Full Moon Insanity

Once again the full moon has struck. Hubby threatens to get out the tinfoil to wrap my head. I recommend he wrap his own.

Almost asleep when the phone rings – bride and groom have finally found their car at the airport and are the way home safe, happy and tired.

Neighbor’s dog proceeds to start barking fool head off at the moon, or whatever it can see in the bright moonlight.

Every two hours my puppies decide it must be time to get up because it’s so bright in their room – so, bark! bark! bark! – until I go into soothe them. I know, it’s “People Training”, but they only do this when the moon is so bright, so I don’t think it’s a permanent condition.

Crashing glass in the kitchen at 4 a.m. means one of the cats has finally tipped a glass of water that was on the ledge (trying to root some new plants for mom and daughter) off onto the countertop, shattering it. No sense messing with it now. Pick up the plants and put them in a plastic cup (why didn’t I do THAT earlier?).

Hubby decides he’s had all the sleep he’s going to get, so he’s up for the day.

It is supposed to be an absolutely beautiful, 70-degree day today. Sounds like a good day to take off early and go home to NAP!

Sounds of Silence

Shhhh… listen…. can you hear it? It is QUIET. We are alone! Our eldest son still is living with us, but he’s hardly ever home and when he is, he is downstairs and we don’t hardly see him. Right now, he’s gone. The bride and groom get back tonight (to their own home) and my parents are settled in the next town. All is good.


Oh. My. God. I am soooo tired. Went to help my parents settle into new house today. There wasn’t much to do as far as moving, since they’d lost everything and had only collected a van full of sacks with some clothing and a few essentials. This morning they had new furniture delivered that we had to arrange, make the bed, etc. Then this afternoon I went shopping with my mom for the rest of the major essentials such as dishes, pans, towels, kitchen utensils, groceries – you get the idea. Back to the new house and unload, unpack, unbox, untape, and wash, dry, put away. I’m so glad they have found a place and are a bit settled now… and thank goodness it wasn’t US having to move again!

What Lies Behind Your Eyes

In your eyes, people see life… You see yourself
as just an average person! You enjoy life, love
wildlife, but also enjoy time with those who
know you best. You like to get outdoors and let
your mind wander over all of the mysteries god
gave to you. You don’t really have a certain
sanctuary because you’re so well-rounded, but
you like having fun and adventures, but can
also be found sitting quietly about, reading a
book. You have a pretty good life ahead of you,
never trade it for anything else 🙂

What Lies Behind Your Eyes?
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Groom’s mother called me last night. The kids had called and they made it okay. Will call later this week. I’m doing MUCH better. Hubby says he’s guessing there were probably some tears on that end of things, too….

Happy Tears

Okay, so I’m lying. They’re not happy tears. They’re sad tears.

This morning we had a lovely brunch for about 30 people – friends and family – for the happy couple to open presents and all. It went off well. Hubby was teasing me that I was more stressed about this morning than I was about yesterday. My response was, yesterday I had 50 people running around at my beck and call. Today it’s just me! Oh, well… it went off fine and the kids got tons of gifts and money. Very nice.

Afterwards, they started packing for the trip to Kansas City. The new son-in-law has been living there for several months and driving up to Iowa on the weekends. Of course, he’s now looking forward to not having to do this EVERY weekend! I’m really going to miss having our daughter here, though. She and I are best of friends. They left this evening as they have flight to catch out of K.C. in the morning for Acapulco… I was doing okay until I went downstairs and made a lap through her bathroom and bedroom. It was empty. I mean, every drawer, her closet, everything. Then it hit me. She’s really gone.

After I started bawling (I kept it together all weekend) – then my husband started in, too. He was much more restrained than I, but still… We keep telling each other that if we weren’t such saps about our kids this wouldn’t be so hard. We love them all dearly and want them to be happy – we just want them to be CLOSE. This is the furthest any of them have been. I think it’s just worse because this week there will be NO contact whatsoever. No e-mail and maybe only a brief phone call. I’m used to talking to my daughter every day several times. Next week will be easier because we can e-mail and talk at least. Then they’ll be coming back in a couple of weeks to get all the wedding presents they had to leave behind to make room for clothing and so forth.

I’ll be okay. I really AM happy for them. He is a terrific, sweet guy and she’ll have many years of laughter and happiness ahead. I just miss her.


My beautiful younger daughter is now a married woman. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. The reception went off without a hitch. The party was terrific. The people were great. The champagne flowed. The tears were moderate. What a happy day it has been!


The traditional “bachelor” and “bachelorette” parties were had this past weekend. Fun had by all…! I laughed at the groom. He and some friends went to a local strip club Friday night. There were eight guys and four of them were “strip club virgins”. These guys are so clean-cut they squeek! I asked the groom if the girls were nice or kind of skanky – his reply was, at the beginning they were rather skanky, but improved as the night went on. Let me guess… more alcohol consumption? I also asked him if he saw any evidence of plastic surgery. Lots! – was his reply.

The funny part was on Sunday when we had a lovely “bachelorette” lunch at a local restaurant where we invited the groom and his mother and he had to admit to his mother he’d gone to the strip club. I think he was waaaay more embarrassed than his mother was!

The bride got the typical lacy things as gifts and the lecherous waiter stood behind her in the hallway as she opened things – I swear there was drool dribbling down his chin. Ick. Other than that, it was very fun. Nice group of girls.

Now we are getting into the final countdown. Daughter had last day of work yesterday and is now going into the ‘home stretch’. I ran around yesterday paying for tuxes, getting the appropriate black socks for certain male family members, and looking for last minute do-dads. Today the bride and I are going to do some last minute “girly” shopping and she’s made appointments for us to have fun massage pedicures tonight. I’m excited… haven’t done that for a loooong time.

Will be a busy week.