Day by Day

Mom and Dad did get the house. They’ve started shopping for things to put into it, and have actually made some purchases. I’m glad they’re getting on with things. They are still trying to figure out what they lost for the insurance and that is a huge pain. Since they lost everything, you’d think they could just get the amount of their policy, but noooooo… they have to itemize everything. Think about that. Think about every little thing you have in your house and when you purchased it, what you paid for it, and how much it would cost to replace it. Not to mention the things that can’t be replaced like photos and memorabilia. What a huge job it is. Mom had some antiques, too, that can vary in price due to condition and age, and if you don’t have the exact item to take to an appraiser, how do you figure out what it was worth? It makes me value my own things much more… and start wondering if I should be writing down lists and lists, too!

The wedding is just over a week away. The bride-t0-be is sick. Hope it goes away by then and doesn’t pass on to other family members!

Spring peeked around the corner on Sunday – getting to a high temp of 71!!! It was windy, but a beautiful day. Of course, Monday was a high of 35… it is Iowa, after all.

Everyone please keep your fingers crossed that wedding plans go off without a hitch and sickness is all gone. I’ve been having weird wedding dreams and it’s not even MY wedding! Be soooo glad when this month is over!