Pure Happiness

You know, one of the best things about this blogging thing is the nice people I’ve “met”. I don’t live in one of the the hotspots where most of the people I like to read seem to be located (Atlanta, for one). I’m rather anti-social anyway, so this works out well for me. More on that later. I just wanted to say I really appreciate the help I got in learning to create links in my blog from Amanda ! Thank you so much, Lady! I’m gradually learning this stuff… I’m one of those old dogs who was raised on a Commodore 64 who thought I’d died and gone to heaven when they came out with a Commodore 128! Yeah, I’ve been through a few upgrades since then… I’m kind of a tech junkie. Doesn’t mean I know as much about them as I’d like. I’m really pretty jealous of my oldest son who is going to school to get a degree in MIS. I’d love to do that if I didn’t have a thousand things on my plate. Oh, well… in another lifetime. Again, I really do appreciate your hand-holding and patience.

Questionable Spring

I realize weather is an inexact science, but it’s getting worse all the time, I swear! It’s supposed to be spring. We’ve had some days in the 80’s… now, we’ve got days in the low 50’s and frost at night! This isn’t right! My poor plants are taking a hit, hubby’s crops aren’t happy (our entire year’s livelihood) and I feel as though I’m coming down with a cold from being chilled so much.

Left work yesterday early and went home to bed. Yes, I said bed. There has been a full moon shining in again and Monday night the puppies decided it was so bright in their space that it must be daytime and playtime. Not a good situation. Finally they settled about 1 a.m. I’m sure that didn’t help the cold situation.

This morning I lay in bed and considered staying there. It felt really good – warm, snuggly, and safe. But, being the dedicated worker bee that I am, I got up and came to work after making hubby and son’s lunches for the field. Yep, I’m that good.

Now that bed is starting to look pretty good again. I’ve got to find something here to keep my attention and keep motivated. Maybe I’ll read a few blogs…

Can’t Catch a Break

So, I’m all set for the rain and for ‘jammie day’ on Saturday. First off, I try to leave work early Friday so I can fly around in a tizzy trying to get laundry, cleaning, all that “weekend” stuff done so I can be a lazy pile of shit on Saturday. One of the big bosses calls me and has a special project he wants done a.s.a.p. He’s never called me before. He’s never wanted anything from me. Why today? Crap.

I get home -later than usual, and try to work up some energy to do all that I planned. The operative word here being ‘try’.

Saturday morning I get up to the pitter-patter of rain! YES! Oh, but NOOOOOO… it stops. We didn’t get more than a few sprinkles. Now I have to face the fact that I will not be having a jammie day. My spirit crumples into a ball the size and shape of the pile of dirty laundry sitting in the corner.

Because of lack of rain, hubby goes out to plant some more. The weekend is a bust. I’m back at work, jammie-day-less and not a happy camper.

Da Blues

I’ve got the blues. I can’t figure out why I’m so glum.

It’s been so gloomy the past couple of days… the weatherman keeps threatening that it’s going to rain, but it keeps piddling out before it gets to us. Still, we get the gloom. I don’t think it’s the weather.

I’ve been busy at work. Finally got the gigantic pile of filing completely caught up. (I hate filing.) That was a feeling of accomplishment.

I finished watching the movies I’d rented over the weekend last night and need to return them today. That was a good feeling.

I need to go to the library and pick up some things they’re holding for me. New books always make me happy.

I managed to clean some at home last night – something I’d been putting off. Another feeling of accomplishment.

I think I got a good nights’ sleep.

My flowers I planted are all coming along beautifully.

My kids are all healthy and happy.

So what’s up?


I was so sad today to read about Jeff’s friend Nelson. It reminded me so much of our sweet Dusty-dog. She was 14 years old when she developed some severe health problems and we had to have her put to sleep. This was two years ago and it still feels like yesterday. She came to us when she was six months old and barely left my side the whole time we had her. She went everywhere with me. I had two keys to my car, so when she went with and couldn’t go inside, I’d leave her locked in the car with either the air conditioner or heater on – and her favorite pillow, of course. Hubby would smuggle her into motel rooms and all kinds of places that normally wouldn’t allow them – but she was so good. She wouldn’t bark or fuss and never made messes where she shouldn’t. She was just the sweetest pup. The decision to let her go was the hardest I’ve ever had to make. When I read about Nelson, it brought it all back. Her trusting eyes as I held her – watching the life go out of them. She left our lives with a huge hole.

It was only a few months ago that we were finally able to face getting another Shih tzu, and those of you who have been reading my blog know how that turned out! We wouldn’t have it any other way… Frank and Frieda are by far the sweetest pups… but Dusty will always have a very special place in our hearts.

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my father’s birthday. Tonight my eldest daughter and grandson are coming for supper, then we are taking a cake to my parents’ house. I talked to my mother this morning and she said they’d be home. I’m hoping it will cheer my father a bit… I think, because we got some rain last night that Hubby will be able to go too. I hope so – he’s not seen my parents’ new house, yet.

Almost time to get off.

Tomorrow night I hope will be a quiet one.

Crazy Day

After such a nice weekend, today has been a shock to my system.

I’d planned on working until 3 o’clock, then I wanted to go home and get my flowers planted that I got Saturday. (Yesterday was still too muddy.) I get a phone call from my eldest daughter asking if I can pick up grandson from school and run her around – SIL car was getting some repairs done and she wants to drop it off for him at his work so she doesn’t have to go out again at 10 pm to pick him up. Yes, I say, I can do that.

So, I get off at noon. Run over to the field and have a “touch-base-hi-howareya” lunch with Hubby, then home. I decide I need to get some more hostas and so forth dug out of the old house gardens to transplant, so go over there and work on that for an hour or so. Home, a few things in the ground, when Hubby calls me on the phone to say he can’t get a response from son who is helping him – can I go get him on the phone or radio. Yes… I live to serve. Back in the car, zoom the 2 miles to son’s house – only to find him sitting in the pickup with the radio to his mouth. OBVIOUSLY he’s now talking to Hubby. Thanks for letting me know, ANYONE. Grrrr.

Back to our house, where I look at the clock, look at myself, and decide I must change clothes before I pick up grandson or will scare the other children. It’s windy out and I look like some grungy bag-woman in my wind-blown hair, dirt-covered torn gardening clothes.

Presentable once more, I take off for the small town my grandson goes to school in – about 30 miles away. I’m there early, actually, and wait for him to show his smiling face… Wait… he almost didn’t recognize me! His mom called the school, but no one told him I was coming… The after-school helpers look at me curiously, then seem to breath a sigh of relief when I was recognized after all.

An hour and a half later, after running all over, I am once again home. Now it is time to fix supper for Hubby and deliver it to the field. After that I am finally able to go back to my planting.

9 o’clock. Puppies have been out. Shower has been taken and I feel sorta human again. Most of the plants are in before the rain comes tonight. Hubby finishes his field and just called to say he’ll be home soon. Today didn’t go anything like I planned… Hope tomorrow is a tad bit calmer.


This weekend turned out to be perfect. The newlyweds flew into town Friday night via a friends’ small airplane. We picked them up and hubby said it was “just like picking up rock stars”! Our airport is so small, though, that we were the only ones there. It’s pretty “self-serve”.

Saturday it rained all day, but DD and I went shopping anyway. Went to the greenhouse and spent a fortune on plants. Then went shopping for animal stuff (toys, food, etc.) that is a typical monthly run. After that we did a wee bit of clothes shopping – well, it WAS on sale!… oh, and Honey, it’s been in the closet for AGES… 😉

Saturday night it was nice enough for son’s car races – he came in 2nd! SIL went with Hubby and MIL, and all was well with the world. DD and I rented movies, ordered Chinese take-out (unbelievable – the town they live in is bigger than ours and they don’t have a good Chinese restaurant!), stuffed our faces with junk food and put on our jammies! YIPPEE! Not exactly jammie day, but close enough.

Sunday we had a lovely, sunny day. Didn’t get so much rain that it kept Hubby out of the field, so he went back to planting and SIL helped. Such a good guy!

We grilled out that evening and sat on the deck watching the puppies playing in the yard and visiting. Very enjoyable. After supper we took the kids out to catch the plane and watched them fly off into the sunset. Sad, but they’ll be back.

A perfect weekend.