I’m so happy that spring is here! As much as I love curling up with a book in front of the fire and cooking something warm and hearty, I do really enjoy the newness of spring. I love walking around the yard and seeing what perennials are coming back and if my trees have lived through another winter. I enjoy seeing the chipmunks back on the deck, stuffing their cheeks with seed and corn as if there were no tomorrow. I get a thrill out of the spring birds singing and chattering – especially the goldfinches – the males decked out again in their bright yellow summer plumage. Wherever do they go during the times when they change color? It is so strange…

I love planning the additions to the gardens and the new vegetable garden I’m going to put in this year. Last year, because we moved mid-summer, I only tucked a couple of tomato plants in with my flowers, but this year I expect to have a full-fledged veg garden again. I missed it last year. I usually make homemade spaghetti sauce with fresh tomatoes and green peppers and stock it in the freezer to have all winter. This winter we ran out. Will hopefully have a good crop and stock up again.

Some people look at garden catalogs all winter long. I get too impatient. I see something and want it NOW, so I tend to wait until it actually is closer to the time I can plant. I’m rather a splurge-type shopper and even if I do order some plants online or by catalog, I find I see a plant in the greenhouse that I must have and end up taking more home. This year has been especially fun because of all the perennials I have at the old house that I can transplant. This makes it doubly fun – I’m getting to enjoy the flowers and they’re free!

Unfortunately, I’ve not won the lottery yet, so the big greenhouse I would like to have is not a reality. This means I haven’t started any plants indoors to transplant and will have to go purchase the annuals I want as well as my veggie plants. I suppose I could start them in the basement under my one little gro-light, but prefer to keep that space for the houseplants that need a little extra TLC. I’ve been trying to get some new cuttings of houseplants going to give my mother, since she lost all hers in the fire, and for my newly married daughter who misses having the greenery around that I have here at home. Hopefully I’ll have some for each of them soon.

Why does it always get busy at work when I’m wanting to be home? The weekends just don’t seem long enough. At least the newlyweds are coming again this weekend, so that will be something to look forward to – and I think they’re predicting rain, so may not be working in the yard all weekend… Will probably be too busy to blog this weekend, so have a good one, people! Get out and enjoy it all!