Pure Happiness

You know, one of the best things about this blogging thing is the nice people I’ve “met”. I don’t live in one of the the hotspots where most of the people I like to read seem to be located (Atlanta, for one). I’m rather anti-social anyway, so this works out well for me. More on that later. I just wanted to say I really appreciate the help I got in learning to create links in my blog from Amanda ! Thank you so much, Lady! I’m gradually learning this stuff… I’m one of those old dogs who was raised on a Commodore 64 who thought I’d died and gone to heaven when they came out with a Commodore 128! Yeah, I’ve been through a few upgrades since then… I’m kind of a tech junkie. Doesn’t mean I know as much about them as I’d like. I’m really pretty jealous of my oldest son who is going to school to get a degree in MIS. I’d love to do that if I didn’t have a thousand things on my plate. Oh, well… in another lifetime. Again, I really do appreciate your hand-holding and patience.

Questionable Spring

I realize weather is an inexact science, but it’s getting worse all the time, I swear! It’s supposed to be spring. We’ve had some days in the 80’s… now, we’ve got days in the low 50’s and frost at night! This isn’t right! My poor plants are taking a hit, hubby’s crops aren’t happy (our entire year’s livelihood) and I feel as though I’m coming down with a cold from being chilled so much.

Left work yesterday early and went home to bed. Yes, I said bed. There has been a full moon shining in again and Monday night the puppies decided it was so bright in their space that it must be daytime and playtime. Not a good situation. Finally they settled about 1 a.m. I’m sure that didn’t help the cold situation.

This morning I lay in bed and considered staying there. It felt really good – warm, snuggly, and safe. But, being the dedicated worker bee that I am, I got up and came to work after making hubby and son’s lunches for the field. Yep, I’m that good.

Now that bed is starting to look pretty good again. I’ve got to find something here to keep my attention and keep motivated. Maybe I’ll read a few blogs…