New “Mom”

I’m loving it. Daughter gets up yesterday morning and says she thinks she can now relate to new mothers everywhere. She’s bone tired, no makeup, no shower and she just wants to go back to bed. On the up side, the new “kid” is just adorable. I think she’s going to be a “momma’s girl”. Lucky momma.

Puppy Saga Continues

Ahhh… well, I’ve got more info. The “torture” collar (my name) is called a “pinch collar”. I found a “Gentle Leader” today and purchased one to try. They aren’t cheap, are they? I also got a harness to try. We’ll see how they get along in the next few days.

On a happier note, my daughter got here today for the week… I’m so tickled!! We got her new pup this afternoon, too. It is such a sweetie… such a small thing. It’s like having grandchildren or children…you have a tendency after awhile to forget how tiny they start out. I can’t believe how big my 7 month old pups look compared to this little 9-week-old. Along the same lines, it is a “grand-critter” and I’m glad my daughter is here to take care of her. It will be nice not to have to jump up in the middle of the night when she cries… for the most part, mine are over that now and sleep through the night. I say for the most part, because we still have minor trauma when there are storms or a full moon. Guess they’re a lot like me in that regard.

Looking forward to spending lots of quality time with both daughter and new grand-critter.

Have a good holiday, everyone. Remember the ones you love… the ones that have gone before, and the ones who are still around.


Wow! You read me… you really read me…!

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions about my puppies. I don’t know what kind of a collar it is (Gentle Leader?) because there was no package or name on it. I’m probably going to be going to the pet store sometime in the next few days and I’ll see if that’s what it is. For now, I’m in a holding pattern. The harness sounds good, though…

Thank you so much!

Am I a Bad “Mom”

Sooo… last night was puppy obedience class.

A little background. I’ve never taken a dog to an obedience class. I’ve usually had pretty good luck just working with them at home and I live in the country where I don’t have to have my dog on a leash, or be sure they are ‘social’, nor will I ever have a ‘show’ dog. Not my thing. When my youngest child got a huskie pup a short while back, he and girlfriend decided to do the obedience thing. That’s good. Huskie’s are known to be a bit nutso (technical term) if they aren’t controlled. They started going to puppy class and I heard about how good it was. I decided to try it with my Shih Tzus.

I started by going to a ‘puppy’ class with my little one, Frieda. She did well, except when it came to walking on a leash. She parked her butt and refused any treat or bribe. I continued to work with her and Frank at home. She still did the brake thing, but Frank did great. At. Home.

The trainer decided they should be going to the ‘adult’ class, since they are over 6 months old. I was sick last week, but last night when I went I decided to take Frank since he’d been doing so well. He did fine with everything – except the leash. He, too, became Stubborn Puppy. Not a bribe in the place could get him to walk with me on the leash. This is where it becomes *gulp* hard.

The trainer got out this collar. I don’t know what it’s called, but it looks like something you’d torture with. She kept say, “This won’t hurt him”…followed by “He may fight or scream, but trust me, he’s not being hurt”. Ooookay… That was an understatement. He fought, he growled, he snarled, he went from being my cuddly, sweet, most-mild-mannered Shih Tzu to the puppy from HELL. You woulda thought he was possessed. The trainer: “Just keep going back and forth on this middle path and when he’s moving, praise him”. This went on for about 15-20 minutes while all the other dogs in the class (lab, choc lab, poodle, schnauzer, schnauzer2, and pit bull) were all being as well-mannered as could be on their leashes. Heeling, stopping, staying, turning, doing it all soooo nicely while my hell-hound was carrying on in the middle of the room.

The whole way home, Frank pouted. I don’t know how to explain this, except to tell you that I had a Shih Tzu for 17 years – Dusty. She was the sweetest thing. We learned early on that you couldn’t yell at her. It took very little correction for her to know the right way to do something. If she got yelled at (as I say, only did once or twice) she would go sit by herself and cry… I kid you not. Cried. Real. Tears. We couldn’t believe it the first time or two. She would sit there and tears would run down her face. Then she wouldn’t come around you for at least a half a day. It really hurt her feelings. Hubby reminded me of this when I got home last night and Frank went into his pen, laid down and put his chin on his paws and looked at me with those sad “human” eyes. (My son swears he doesn’t have dog eyes, but has human ones.) He was so subdued all night last night.

Now I’m in a quandry. I feel like a bad mom. I mean, a really bad mom. I called my daughter who is working at the pet store. She’s an animal nut, too. She thinks this isn’t good. She tells me those “torture” collars (my name) shouldn’t be used on a Shih Tzu, that their neck bones are too fragile. They should only be used on dogs like German Shepherds and Pit Bulls. Then I talk to youngest son who is taking his dog there. He says the trainer told them the first class that she would never make them do something that would make them uncomfortable.

Hmmm… My first instinct (and Hubby’s) was to say, to heck with the money (I paid in full and it wasn’t that much). I live on a farm and my dog walks on a leash good enough for me and it isn’t worth it to me to torture the dog just to make it walk ‘properly’. Did I mention she sent home the collar so I could practice torturing my dog at home? … and his sister?

Son says I should talk to the trainer. That if I did, she probably wouldn’t make me use the collar. But if I don’t use the collar, Frank won’t walk on his leash in class. That is a lot of what they have to learn – it has to do with the walking. Did I mention… SHIT. Yeah, it’s like that.

But What Did I Ever Do To You?

This post by Heather brought a memory to the forefront. Our youngest child is a boy. I have a theory that God makes the last one (no matter how many you have) the kind of a child where you know you don’t want to continue having children. I love him, but he was a handful. At one point my FIL (may he rest in peace) was laughing at Hubby… telling him he was just getting payback. That this was exactly what he always wanted for my husband. Someone to get even with him for all the stuff he’d put his parents through.

I looked at my FIL and asked, “But what did I ever do to you?” His reply. “You married him.”

Love, ya’, Dad.

Can I Get a Little Color Here?

It is a gray day. I mean, blech. I’m feeling grouchy. I shouldn’t be… I should be happy. Youngest daughter called and tells me she is coming to stay with us next week instead of going to the Grand Canyon on the major hiking trip she’s been planning with new hubby and some friends. She just decided she wasn’t in good enough shape to keep up – the rest of the group are pretty die-hard hikers, bikers, etc., and are in very good condition. She tells me it’s 108 degrees in the canyon. I say, that would kill me just sitting there, let alone hiking with a 40 lb. pack! She agrees. This makes me happy. I’ve missed her. This will be nice. So why am I cranky?

Let’s see… I’ve been doing some research on this wonderful little pill the doctor put me on a few months back. Lexapro, is its’ name. I think it’s supposed to make me feel better. Not so anxious. More social. Uh huh. After gaining about 20 lbs. I’m not feeling anxious. I’m feeling fat. Pissed. Grouchy. No more social. Arrrggghhh! My research tells me this can happen. Oh, goodie. So, you take medicine to make you feel better, then it makes you gain weight and you feel bad so you take the medicine to make you feel better. I think that about sums it up. What a circle-jerk. Oops. Sorry. That was Hubby’s potty-mouth kicking in.

I need a jammie day in the WORST way. Soon. Please.


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