Luck Runs Out

My youngest son raced his car last night and his luck ran out. He blew up the motor in his car right off the bat. Then, for some reason Hubby can’t fathom, he convinced the guy who parks next to him at the track to let him drive his Hobby Stock to get track points. It’s a different class of car, a slower class than what my son drives. You would think that would be a good thing. Son wasn’t used to the car and tried to push it faster than it should be pushed … and rolled the car. He’s fine. Car is not. Remember, this is not his car. <sigh>

Hubby was furious with him for even doing it.

Things are a bit calmer today. Amazingly enough, the guy whose car he wrecked isn’t mad at all! Will wonders never cease? Son has parts lined up from guys volunteering them free- feeling sorry for him, I guess, and the guy has the car in pretty good shape already. He’s been blessed. I was just amazed he wasn’t hurt. Once again I was glad I wasn’t there. Would have been totally embarrassing…