Youngest son did not have a good night. Broke a ball joint and hit the wall… he’s okay, car is hurt (not badly). He didn’t get to finish the race. He and Hubby are NOT happy campers… Oh, well. Win some, lose some. I’m just glad he’s in one piece.

Under the Weather

Note: The following post is not for those who do not care to discuss bodily functions. Skip this post if you are one of these people.

It’s not something I’m proud of, just a fact of life. I have a lot in common with Heather when it comes to bowel function. The past two days have been hell. Hubby isn’t as funny as he thinks he is. He comes into the room with the porcelein throne and proceeds to say, “Need some dynomite?”. Oh, you are such a funny man. If I could get my numb posterior off this piece of furniture I would so pummel you.

This seems to be a fairly frequent problem. It fluctuates between no movement for days to then deciding it will clean itself out thoroughly all in one day…several times…in one day.

I’ve tried the usual helpful products to no effectiveness. I look at my husband. Maybe dynomite would work…