But What Did I Ever Do To You?

This post by Heather brought a memory to the forefront. Our youngest child is a boy. I have a theory that God makes the last one (no matter how many you have) the kind of a child where you know you don’t want to continue having children. I love him, but he was a handful. At one point my FIL (may he rest in peace) was laughing at Hubby… telling him he was just getting payback. That this was exactly what he always wanted for my husband. Someone to get even with him for all the stuff he’d put his parents through.

I looked at my FIL and asked, “But what did I ever do to you?” His reply. “You married him.”

Love, ya’, Dad.

Can I Get a Little Color Here?

It is a gray day. I mean, blech. I’m feeling grouchy. I shouldn’t be… I should be happy. Youngest daughter called and tells me she is coming to stay with us next week instead of going to the Grand Canyon on the major hiking trip she’s been planning with new hubby and some friends. She just decided she wasn’t in good enough shape to keep up – the rest of the group are pretty die-hard hikers, bikers, etc., and are in very good condition. She tells me it’s 108 degrees in the canyon. I say, that would kill me just sitting there, let alone hiking with a 40 lb. pack! She agrees. This makes me happy. I’ve missed her. This will be nice. So why am I cranky?

Let’s see… I’ve been doing some research on this wonderful little pill the doctor put me on a few months back. Lexapro, is its’ name. I think it’s supposed to make me feel better. Not so anxious. More social. Uh huh. After gaining about 20 lbs. I’m not feeling anxious. I’m feeling fat. Pissed. Grouchy. No more social. Arrrggghhh! My research tells me this can happen. Oh, goodie. So, you take medicine to make you feel better, then it makes you gain weight and you feel bad so you take the medicine to make you feel better. I think that about sums it up. What a circle-jerk. Oops. Sorry. That was Hubby’s potty-mouth kicking in.

I need a jammie day in the WORST way. Soon. Please.