Handy or Handicapped?

Okay, this post isn’t fair to the handicapped. I hope nobody gets upset. I have handicapped friends and I love them dearly, so don’t get all ticked at me, ‘kay?

I wanted to make a point. Hubby is a wonderful guy. He is very smart, very talented, and can figure out and fix about anything mechanical (with a motor) on the planet. He can fabricate metal. He can juggle two remotes, a can of beer, a half a pizza, and a cat. He can not dance, or sing, but hey! he’s got lots of other talents.

One thing he is not is domesticated in some areas. Yes, when pressed he can grill a mean steak or fry and egg. He can run the vacuum and operate a washer-dryer. He seems to still have a few problems with directions.

Case in point. Tonight I went to my parents with a friend. We went to dinner. I left Hubby a detailed note about critter care (they were all cared for) and the lovely supper I’d left him in the crock pot. Roast, potatoes, carrots, mmmm mmmmm good. He was going racing with youngest son. Fine. He was going to come home first, shower, eat, etc..

I get home at 9 p.m. to the smell of burning food. A phone call later-

Me: Hon, what part of the note that said, “Turn the crock pot off or to warm” didn’t you understand?
Hubby: I didn’t read the note
Me: Because?
Hubby: I thought you told me everything

We’ve been married for 25+ years. The training continues.

Wild and Wet

We’ve had some wild weather lately. Last night they were telling us we were in a severe thunderstorm warning area with high winds, hail, etc., but for some reason it just missed our house. It got very dark, and there was some wild lightening all around, but we only ended up with about a tenth of an inch of rain and the rest of it missed us. I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s good to get some moisture on the crop, but we sure don’t need the hail or wind. Over the weekend we ended up with a little over an inch-and-a-half, so that was perfect. It’s always amazing what mother nature can throw at you.

Today it’s cloudy and looks as though it could open up and rain again, but according to radar it looks like it’s all past us. Supposed to be another hot, humid one.

I always laugh at the weather people on TV. They are always trying to be soooo accurate in their predictions. They have all kinds of maps and animated graphics to show you exactly what minute it’s going to be over your house. They compete with who has the biggest most powerful most accurate radar in the universe – then, when they show it being over your house, it isn’t always there!

A few years ago, Hubby and I were watching some tornado warnings in the area. Hubby is a farm boy and when warnings are issued and people are told to ‘seek shelter immediately in the basement’ he immediately runs outside and starts looking to the sky. In a previous lifetime he would have made a good scout. At any rate, we would shove our kids (4) and our animals (6) in the basement, then he and I would go outside.

This time it got really scary out and they were saying there were tornados spotted all around out area. (I never have actually seen one, but Hubby has. When he was just out of high school there was a force 4 tornado that came through and just missed his house by a mile. It totally destroyed a small town in nearby and did a lot of damage to neighboring family farms. He took some pictures of it and it was rather wild looking – huge! I hope to never see one like that ‘in person’.) When the weather station gave the ‘all clear’, Hubby decided he wanted to go up the road to check on one of the fields. We left the kids home, glued to the TV and headed up the road. A little bit from the field the radio station issued another tornado warning. One had been spotted in our area. As they began describing the location, Hubby and I looked at each other. I could see him doing the mental calculation in his head as I did in mine. The realization came at the same time. We looked up. The tornado was supposed to be right above our heads! It was raining, some, but no ‘nader.

I find it amusing that a few years ago one of the local TV stations remodeled and put a “weather window” in their “weather station”. That’s got to be the most accurate piece of equipment they have! A lot less expensive than the mega-watt-doppler-thingy…

Sweating Like a Pig

OMG… is it ever hot here! This is August weather. At least we got some rain over the weekend and our crops look good. I’ve been working in the gardens, pulling weeds and trying to get mulch put out. I did bare minimum last summer when we moved in, but now have lived here a year (I can’t believe that!) and I’d moved some hostas and other perennials from the old house and have been trying to get them mulched – but of course, you must weed first. I’ve weeded a couple of times in anticipation of mulching, but things have jumped in the way (being sick, tractor needing fixed, etc.) that have kept me from mulching. Unfortunately, without the mulch, the weeds just keep on comin’! At at last I think I’ve made some progress. Whew! Now, if it would just cool off a touch… just a touch…

Doing a Happy Dance

Daughter and SIL came today to get their furniture and things they’ve got stored in a unit. Now that they have a bigger place to live, they decided to get it all and take it. They came early and brought the “grandcritter”, Bug, with them. She is such a doll. Only about 5lb now. She’s such a sweetie! I got to “critter sit” while they packed up.

Had a nice visit with the kids. I miss her. They’ve promoted her to a management position and now she has to work most weekends, so won’t see as much of her. That’s a bummer. Hopefully we’ll get down to see them sometime soon. We don’t get away very often.

Was a good day…

Sad Day

Today was the funeral for our landlord. It was very nice, but long… and hot. We’re having rather a heat-wave and even though it was in the morning, it was late morning and no a.c. in the church. I felt sorry for Hubby and son in their suits.

Some funerals I’ve been to the person looks just like themselves only sleeping. This guy didn’t look like himself at all… he was a man who always was smiling or laughing about something and he just didn’t look right since he was so sober. I hope people remember me laughing…

Tip of the Iceberg

Forgot to mention Monday when Hubby was home he got a phone call. One of our landlords passed away in his sleep Sunday night. He and his family have been our landlords for 70-some years. Was really weird. He’d not been sick or anything. Just passed away peacefully. That’s how Hubby’s dad passed a few years ago. It’s a shock to those around the person, and you don’t really get a chance to prepare or say goodbye, but man… that’s the way to go. No pain… just go to sleep and not wake up.

Tonight’s the visitation and tomorrow’s the funeral. They’ve asked Hubby and youngest son to be pallbearers. Have to take son shopping tonight for a suit. He’s never owned one in his life. This should be interesting.

ICK Alert!

Hubby is sick. Throwing up, stomach cramp sick. Of course, this morning he had set up some appointments that had to be kept regarding farm stuff. Me… wife…going from one town to another (we farm in two counties) to keep his appointments. My cell phone rings:

Hubby: You going to work when you get done?
Me: I was planning on it.
Hubby: Do you have to?
Me: Why?
Hubby: Would you come home and take care of me?

You know what my day was like from there.

Luck and Guilt and All That Stuff

I realize I whine a lot. Not a little, a lot. I’m much better than I used to be. I tried a few years ago to adopt the attitude that while I’m not “Suzy Sunshine”, I can still try to look at the positive side of things. I do think there is something to drawing negative energy to you if you are negative.

That being said, I feel so badly for a friend of mine whose mother has been going ’round and ’round with the Big C. When I was a kid, people didn’t even say the word ‘cancer‘ unless it was in very hushed voices. I got the impression if it heard them it would attack them. Some people still can’t say it without hesitating. We’ve gotten so that we are pretty good about checking ourselves and having the doctors check us and early detection has helped increase our chances of surviving. Also, they have come up with new ways of killing it… or at least they try.

Personally, I think one of the more hideous aspects of cancer is the way it deceives. One moment you are ill, the next you are in remission and may stay that way for years… then, bam! It is back and usually worse than ever. Or, it may never come back again. Sometimes, there is no remission. A woman in my local area found out she had cancer and in three weeks she was gone.

My friend got married a little over a year ago. About six months before his wedding, they’d diagnosed his mother with cancer in her spine and said she’d probably not make it to the wedding. Well, she did, but she was in pretty tough shape at the time. Then shortly after the wedding, she went into remission. It was amazing! She got her strenth back, her hair back, and her life back…. for awhile. A month ago she was having headaches and went to the doctor. There was a tumor on her brain. Three days ago they did a spinal and found cancer cells have spread everywhere. Today they are sending her home to die.

I feel so sorry for him. I’m glad that she had more time with her family and was able to see him get married and another grandchild be born (his sister’s). I’m glad they’ve had more time to get used to the probabilities of death. I’m sorry that he had to ride this rollercoaster.

When I start whining about my backaches or my headaches or my various grumblings on why things are perfect in my life, I hope someone slaps me up side the head and reminds me how lucky I truly am. I am. I know it.