Are Ya Lookin’ at Me?

This post should be titled “Men and the Powers of Observation“. There has been a running theme in our marriage. I cut my hair, my husband threatens to shave off his beard. I have never seen Hubby without it in the REAL world. I’ve seen pictures. I encourage him to keep it. He is one of those men who just look right in a beard. It’s not long, not short, just medium and well-kept. It’s gotten a bit more gray in it, but then we’ve all gone a bit more gray…

When the kids were small, he said he couldn’t shave it off because he was afraid he’d scare them and they wouldn’t know him.

When we first got together we started comparing notes and figured out that about a year before we actually were introduced, we’d seen each other in a bar and I’d leaned on his back while talking to my girlfriend and the bartender! Would you believe, I can remember what his shirt looked like, but can’t remember the guys’ face?!?!? This was my future husband! BUT… he didn’t have a beard. Hmmm… does that mean he was so unremarkable that I just ignored him? We’ll never know. (I suppose alcohol could have had something to do with it, but I’m pleading the fifth – pun intended?)

At any rate, I cut my hair rather short when we were first together and the beard-removal threat has hung over my head for the past 25+ years. Finally, yesterday, after being SO SICK of a three-year hairstyle that I thought made me look older than I am and doudy (yeah, I am really THAT old, but I don’t have to look it, do I?)… I cut it off. I mean, it is short. The front is longer, I still have bangs (fringe?) and some around my face, but the back is about 1″ long. (Short?)

Daughter went with, so I’m blaming her.

We picked up Bug and were heading to my parents to show them the new puppy. We aren’t out of town yet. We get a phone call from Hubby. He needs help moving from one field to another. Hmmm… here is the test. Will he hate it? Will he like it? Will he get out the beard-shaving threat? I tell daughter I’m not going to say a word and see how long he takes to start commenting.

He gets in the car. He’s sitting right next to me. He looks at me. He talks to daughter. He talks (a lot) to dog. He keeps giving me looks, but says nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. I visit with him. I look at him. I look out the window so he can get a GOOD look at the back. Not one word. Daughter sits in the back seat and we roll eyes at each other in the mirror. She shakes her head. A lot.

We had mentioned to Hubby the night before that we were going to go get our eyebrows waxed today. I let it drop that I was getting my haircut.

We get home from my parents’ house. I walk in the door.

Hubby: How did the eyebrow thingy go today?
Hubby:Oh, MAN… I’m an idiot. You got your hair cut, didn’t you?
Hubby: I like it!
Me: You’d better.

He’s a man. He has an excuse.

(Oh, and by the way… I’ve been at work (with six men) for four hours now and someone JUST noticed… )

Coming To the End

This week has flown by… my youngest daughter and grand-critter will be leaving in just a couple of days. That makes me so sad. I’ve really enjoyed having her here and it’s going to be hard to have her go away again. “The baby” slept through the night last night! She’s been such a good little pup. All the pups were out in the yard last night playing well together. The older pups have been so good with the little one. If she takes away their toys, they just let her have it, or very gently take it back. It’s so funny.

Me: Aren’t you going to miss Bug? Wouldn’t it be fun to have a little one like that?
Hubby: Whatever…
Me: Really?!?!
Hubby: Whatever…
Daughter: Dad, you know you’ve just cracked the door open!!
Hubby: Yeah, whatever…

I’m gonna have to think about this one!