I just wanted to let those of you who read me to know that I’ve set up an AIM account and although I tried to contact some of you last weekend, I was ignored. Now, I realize that you are probably constantly bombarded by adoring fans who can’t get enough of you, and you try to keep your privacy sacred, but I just wanted you to know that you may not recognize me in my “other persona” and therefor were not being mean, but were just being cautious.
My AIM name is sane2b. I realize that has nothing to do with being torn, a page, or sue, but hey! When you come onto this system late in the game you take what you can get. Also, it is rather a goal of mine to be sane.

So… when you see me out there in AIM land, please don’t be scared. I’m not trying to molest you and will respect your privacy if you wish. I’m just touchin’ base and trying to let you know I like you! I really like you!