Hey! A thanks to all of you who sent your good wishes. I’m back in the land of the living… (Actually, I was back in action Saturday, but it’s been rather a zoo trying to catch up on all the crap I missed while laid up. I’m sure you understand!)

I finally figured out what I did. I tried to start the rototiller on Monday night and had a hard time of it – you know, pull the cord, twisting, over and over and over… yeah, you get the idea. I made Hubby start it Saturday so I could finally get my veggie garden in. My poor plants were looking pretty sad when I finally got them planted. Hopefully they come out of it. They look a bit perkier now.

As far as enjoying my jammie days, Bunny, well… they weren’t exactly the way I like my jammie days… I slept through most of them.