We’re Back In Iowa

Things went well. We managed to keep a secret from my daughter. That’s not an easy thing to do. She and I have a weird ESP thing going that makes it hard to keep secrets. I’ll tell you more about that later.

At any rate, we did surprise her! We got in about 9:30 at night and son decided we must go to the bar to celebrate. Seeing as daughter had to be at work at 7 a.m. I felt a bit badly about dragging her out in the middle of the night, but she seemed okay with it. First I started off with plain Coke, and she had a beer, while my SIL and son each had a RedBull with lime vodka. Tasted like some weird cough syrup to me, but they liked it. Daughter barely touched her beer, so the guys split it and had another RedBull thing. Daughter and I decided to try something called a Push-up. It sounded better than it tasted. Guys drank those. Daughter and I were party-poopers. We resorted to Coke and Water. Yeah, I know… pathetic. Did I mention I didn’t get carded to get in the bar??? Yeah. Sad.

A little after midnight we decided to go get munchies, beer, and something I like to drink – Mike’s Hard Lemonade. We stopped at the grocery store and when we got to the checkout were notified that they can’t sell liquor after midnight. WTF? Aw, geez…

Back to the kids’ apartment, we proceeded to crack open a bottle of champagne they’d gotten for a wedding gift. It tasted like horse piss (not that I’ve ever tasted horse piss, you understand…)
Son drank his and mine, SIL started on water – mass quantities of water – and daughter went to bed. Then we played drunken Yahtzee. Son and I tied… and he won by 1 point in tiebreaker.

Bed. Wake. Early. Read my book and putzed around waiting for SIL to quit being sick and son to get up. We decided to hang around and go to lunch with daughter before heading home. Had some really terrific bbq.

Head home. It was good to get home. Critters seemed glad to see me. Hubby had already left for the races, but I talked to him and he, too, seemed glad to have me home. We don’t spend much time apart – especially overnight.

All in all, a really nice time.

Hubby didn’t fare as well. Puppies wrestled and growled half the night… which is weird. Usually they do that rougher playing in the afternoon. Also, I expected the cats to keep him company in bed, as they like to roam through during the night and lay on me, knead me, and purr in my ear several times a night. This is accomplished in shifts so organized that I’m sure they must have a schedule hidden somewhere in the house! Alas! No critters came to see him during the night. Hmmm… Strange.

Good to be home.