Scary, Huh?

One of my favorite bloggers, Jules, brought up a subject a few days ago about movies that scare you. I agreed with her list and her reasons and added a couple of my own. Today she was writing a review of the “War of the Worlds” movie. The subject came up again about being scared.

In thinking back over the years and the movies that have scared me for one reason or another, I remembered a small movie called “Testament” made back in 1983. It starred Jane Alexander as a normal mother dealing with normal children and family life when it is rudely interrupted by a nuclear attack.

This movie scared the shit out of me.

I have always lived in Iowa (that’s NOT the potato state to you). The closest thing I’ve got that could probably risk this happening in my back yard is Omaha, Nebraska. Yes, folks, that’s where President Bush went on 9/11. The more likely thing to happen in my area is to have a tornado or two or three or four… you get the picture. However, when I was a child, we had those drills. The warning would sound and you were told to get under your desk and put your arms over your head. Now, of course, we know that isn’t very effective.

Still, I am the child of an era. When the rado or television station start having their “emergency alert” drills I flash onto the scene in the Testament movie where the alert is sounding – but it isn’t a drill. More than likely, it will be as the new movie portrayed it – there will be the tone and the recording, but there will be no information and we’ll all be left to our own devices.

Scary? Very.