I Thought This Wasn’t Suppose to Happen Until I Was Older?

Isn’t one of the signs of aging that all your friends and aquantances start dying? That you read the obituaries before you read the rest of the news to see who died today? I’m starting to feel that way and I’m not even that old!

My friend and ‘roomate’ at work – (Hubby hates when I call him that, but we are the only ones who share an actual room, so I call him that to specify him instead of the other guys who have rooms all to themselves) – his mother passed last weekend. A couple of weeks ago, a family friend and business associate passed in his sleep unexpectedly. Then, I found out yesterday that a family friend passed as well as a good friend of my daughter’s mother. The funeral for her is today, out of town, and daughter is coming up for that. I’m going to go with her. The other one I’m expecting will be in a day or so.

All but one of these people were all in ill health and had long-term illnesses. Their deaths were not totally unexpected. However, no matter how much we prepare for a loved one to leave, it seems there is always a momentary shock. That they are truly gone from our lives. The man who passed in his sleep was the most peaceful… he passed as my FIL did ten years ago. No sign that there was trouble. They’d both recently had physicals and stress tests and passed with flying colors. Then went to bed and died sometime during the night without a hint of trouble to wake the spouses lying next to them. That is a wonderful way to pass for the passee… but is a horrible shock for the family and all who knew them.

I find I’m starting to read the obituaries. It’s really rather disturbing to see in as small of a community that I live in, how many people I know – or know of. I guess it’s just a sign I’m getting older.