It’s Not the Humidity… It’s the HEAT!

Here in the midwest we get hot. We don’t just get hot, though, we get sweaty, steamy, stinky, sweltering, drippy, droopy, tired, and cranky. It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. We spend part of the summer in sweltering rain-forest-like humidity, without the shade of the rain-forest. It’s only 93, with a heat index of 102. That doesn’t sound like much to those folks in the southwest, but TRUST ME… it’s hot. Time to go lay down in the air conditioner…


Follow along, children…

My father-in-law (who is now deceased) had a best friend he went to elementary school, junior high and high school with. The best friend went on to college, but in the same town, so they were able to continue their friendship. They both farmed. They both married and had children – he, four daughters and FIL had two sons and a daughter. They had much in common and stayed close friends their whole life. He’s often referred to my husband as his “surrogate son”.

My birthday is his wedding anniversary and his birthday is my wedding anniversary.

Weird, huh?

Do you have any odd coincidences like that?