Oh, Cleo!

Cleo is going to be a problem.

We had her de-clawed last week so she could go from outside cat to inside cat. We boarded her at the vet while we were gone because they need some special things the first few days and we weren’t going to be there. We picked her up yesterday and brought her home. I took her to the room with the kitty litter boxes (clean) and the kitty food bowls (full) and left her to find her way upstairs.

A couple of hours later she came up. Meowing. She started looking out the windows. Meowing. I waited awhile and took her back down to once more remind her where the litter and food was.

She came back up a short time later. Meowing.

It got dark.

I went into my bedroom to watch TV.

Daughter let her dog out to do it’s before bed business.

Knocking on the sliding glass door in my bedroom.

Daughter is standing there holding Cleo. Cleo escaped. She had to chase Cleo around the outside of the house to catch her. Now she gives me Cleo. Cleo is meowing.

Hubby comes to bed and we shut Cleo out of the bedroom (we don’t need a catfight in the middle of our bed – it’s happened before).

Morning. Hubby is in the livingroom drinking his coffee. Cleo is meowing.

Hubby: I think maybe we made a mistake.
Hubby: I think maybe Cleo wants to be an outside cat.
Me: She meowed when she was outside and tried to get inside!
Hubby: Oh. Yeah.

Hopefully, Cleo will quiet down and decide inside is better than outside… or it’s going to some fun. (read sarcasm)

Getting to Know You …or…Another Meme

Sent to me by a good friend:

1. What is your full name? can’t do that here
2. What color pants are you wearing? Blue jeans
3. What are you listening to right now? The hum of my computer
4. What was the last thing you ate? Green seedless grapes
5. Do you wish on stars? yes
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Red or purple
7. How is the weather right now? Sun is shining and it is in the 60’s
8. Last person you spoke to on the phone? The veterinarian’s office assistant
9. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Absolutely!
10. Are you married/significant other? Yes – 25+ years!
11. Favorite drink? Pepsi
12. Favorite sport? To play? I don’t do sports.
13. Hair color? Auburn
14. Do you wear contacts? Sometimes.
15. Do you have any siblings? How many? Nope.
16. Favorite month? February
17. Favorite food? Tomatoes, green beans and peas right out of the garden and sweet corn out of the field
18. What was the last movie you saw? Million Dollar Baby.
19. Favorite day of the year? Thanksgiving.
20. What do you do to vent anger? Blog
21. What were your favorite toys as a child? Roller skates, ice skates, bicycle and my dog (yeah, I know, not “technically” a toy, but hey! I played with my beagle more than anything!)
22. Summer or winter? Winter. LOTS of snow! So much you are snowed in!
23. Hugs or kisses? Hugs (unless we’re talking candy, then Kisses)
24. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate – definitely!
25. When was the last time you cried? A couple of weeks ago when one of my grandcritters died.
26. What is under your bed? Controllers for the electric blanket
27. Friend you have had the longest. Janelle
28. What did you do last night? Celebrated my hubby’s birthday
29. What are you scared of? Furry spiders. People. (I’m rather anti-social).
30. Plain, buttered or salted popcorn? Butter and salt
31. Favorite car? The Honda hatchback I used to have
32. Favorite flower? Gaura
33. How many keys on your key ring? Which key ring?
34. How many years at your current job? 5
35. Favorite day of the week? Saturday
36. What did you do on your last birthday? We had my office Christmas party at our new house.
37. How many states have you lived in? Just one – Iowa
38. Where do you most want to visit? Ireland
39. Do you have any animals? Five cats, three dogs.
40. Do you have any children? Two girls, two boys, one grandson, two son-in-laws, one almost-daughter-in-law and eight grand-critters
41. Money or happiness? Happiness!
42. If you could kiss somebody other than your spouse, just once, who would it be? I really don’t want to kiss anyone else!

Part II
2. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING? Seven Types of Ambiguity by Elliot Perlman
3. WHAT’S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? Don’t use one.
4. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE BOARD GAME? Adult Trivial pursuit
9. HOW MANY RINGS BEFORE YOU ANSWER THE PHONE? After working at a large university admissions office as first on phone for the whole university, I now HATE the phone. I screen whenever possible!
10. FUTURE CHILD’S NAME: All done.
11. WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT IN YOUR LIFE? My family and critters and friends (not necessarily in that order… lol)
12. FAVORITE SOUND? My family’s laughter when they’re all together
13. DO YOU SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL? Does Hubby count? I sleep with LIVE animals…
14. STORMS, COOL OR SCARY? Scary but not dangerous.
15. WHAT TYPE WAS YOUR FIRST CAR? Opal GT piece-of-shit but I loved it!
16. IF YOU COULD MEET ONE PERSON DEAD OR ALIVE WHO WOULD IT BE? I’d love to meet my mother (dead).
17. WHAT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY? What or when? 😉 December – I’m a Sagittarious
18. IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB WHAT WOULD IT BE? Independently wealthy would work! Oh… I have to work? Well, I’d like to be a writer. One who gets paid for it.
19. IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY COLOR HAIR, WHAT WOULD IT BE? My daughter’s shade of auburn
21. IS THE GLASS HALF FULL OR HALF EMPTY? Half full…unless it’s half empty
22. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE MOVIES? Too many to mention.
24. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE NUMBER? Any of them with a $ sign in front.
25. SAY ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU! Susan (a non-blogger) – you are a deep thinker and a very creative person with more energy than normal people should have. You are also wise beyond your years with all your life experience. Guess that’s more than one thing, huh? Oh, well…
26. FAVORITE CD: Rob Thomas “Something to Be” (at the moment)
30. CATS OR DOGS? DUH! Both – and lots of ‘em!
31. WHITE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS OR MULTICOLORED? Little white and multicolored big (old-fashioned ones)

Now, who do I want to bug with this…. Mwwaaaaa haaaaa haaaa….
I tag: madman, kenna, styro

Monday with Daughter

I worked Monday morning, then daughter and I hopped in her vehicle and headed to the large pet supply company that she works for. The one nearest to me is about 20 miles away. Hubby calls.

Hubby: Where are you?
Me: On our way to CritterLand
Hubby: Imagine that.

It’s a disease. I haven’t resorted to foo-fie clothing yet (although, when it’s really really cold I have been known to slip on a sweatshirt or sweater to help with the chill). But I’m a sucker for doggy treats and toys.

Frieda has been diagnosed by daughter as “ball obsessed”. She loves her little yellow tennis ball more than any treat of any flavor. The minute you come out of the house she starts looking for you to throw it. She runs and gets it, then may bring it back for you to throw again (and again and again) or sometimes she just plays with herself. She’ll get on a slope in the yard and drop it and push it with her paw, watching it roll down the hill and runs to get it herself. Occasionally she brings it up on the porch and gets it near the edge, then gives it a little push to tip it off the porch, running around the other side to retrieve it. She’ll go on the concrete pad for the garage drive and drop it, shoving it with her paw or nose to make it roll, then bouncing around it and picking it up and running with it as though you’ve just thrown it for her.

Sometimes Frank decides he wants the ball. He gets up next to her and just butts into her until she drops it, then he grabs it and runs, never dropping it. His mouth is big enough he just holds it inside and she can’t get it! He’ll lay down and just hold it. I have to make him come to me and tempt him with a treat until he drops it so Frieda can have it again. We’ve tried giving him his own ball, but he doesn’t want his own – he wants hers. (Just like human kids…)

Frieda is fussy about her ball, too. I mistakenly got some once that were peanut butter flavored. They smelled nothing like pb to me! Ugh. She didn’t seem to like them. She wasn’t crazy about the mint ones, either, but she seemed to at least tolerate those. The plain ones are her favorite. Among her favorites, she seems to have favorites. If she’s playing with one and loses it (she’s dropped them off the back deck into the bank of the creek before) then she doesn’t want a replacement. She wants THAT one. You know, the one that is at the bottom of the ravine! She’ll pace back and forth and make an attempt to go down the bank, which scares the beejezus out of me. I think she could do it, it isn’t that steep, it just isn’t something want her to be doing. It is pretty rough going and sometimes that bottom part can be flooded. So, more often than not, when she won’t go for the substitute some human goes after it for her. (Can you say spoiled?)

Ironically, it doesn’t matter to her that it is that particular one, but more that it is the one she starts out with when she goes out to play. You can alternate the ones she takes out when she goes, it is just she wants to keep the same one the whole time she’s out.

Occasionally she loses it in the taller grass and can’t find it when it’s time to go inside. If you can stop making her look for it and actually get her in the house, don’t be surprise if she’ll go hunting for it the next time she goes out, even hours later. More often than not, she’ll find it. She’s got a unique hunting style in that she’ll make ever collapsing circles looking, then move to another area and do the same thing. It’s very odd to watch.

At any rate, that was the excitement for the day. Some running and errands and back to the house for Hubby’s birthday supper. It’s sure fun to have her home! We’re going to take a friend of mine and go to the larger near-by town for lunch and a spot of specific shopping (not random shopping – remember, I hate that!). Will be fun to tell my friend about our camping adventures. She’s been around MIL enough to be able to appreciate the pain.