Throw Her It Out

We came out of the movie last night and Hubby found two calls on his phone from his mother (MIL). He calls her back.

MIL: The light came on on my dash that says my tire pressure is low
Hubby: Uh-huh
MIL: I can’t find out what the tire pressure should be.
Hubby: It should be inside the door jam of the driver’s side door
MIL: The light came on on the dash
Hubby: Look inside the door
MIL: I looked in the manual and I couldn’t find anywhere that it told me what the pressure should be
Hubby: Those manuals just tell you not to drive with your ass sticking out the window. They don’t tell you anything.
MIL: The light came on
Hubby: Look inside the door
MIL: Well, the light came on and I looked in the manual but it didn’t tell me anything
Hubby: When you get a new car, you should pull the manual out of the glove compartment and take it across the showroom floor and throw it away the first thing
MIL: …
Hubby: I’ll look at it in the morning
MIL: The light came on, you know, and I just didn’t know…

Daughter and I sitting next to him in the truck: So, the light came on, huh?

Do you see why we get frustrated?

A Day Later

It’s a day later and Cleo is finally settling in a bit. We had a slight disagreement on who was going to be sleeping on the bed last night, but our oldest cat, Jammie, won the argument. No fur flew, just a few low growls and Cleo decided her growling wasn’t as tough or that Jammie really meant it… whatever the case, Cleo got off the bed.

Hubby came home for lunch yesterday and when I got home a bit later, Cleo was curled up on his lap. Daughter and I went to lunch with a friend and did our shopping, then came home and Hubby was still in the chair (I think he had left and come home again) and Cleo was right back up on his lap. She knows who said to let her in the house!

She’s not trying to get out as much, either.

Last night we went to “The Island”. It reminded me so much of the old classic “Logan’s Run”, that was always one of my favorites. Mix in a little “Mad Max” and some “Blade Runner” and you’ve got this movie. It was good, but just seemed a little predictable. I bet they spent some money on those crash scenes! Wow!

This afternoon we’re going to the Iowa State Fair. If you’ve never experienced a fair, it’s a unique experience. Really.