Dear Faithful Readers

I’ve been checking out some new blogs lately, trying to expand my circle of experiences. I’m amazed how many people have so much in common with me! I thought I was pretty unique, so I find it all rather strange.

One of my new favs is Jade. She’s so human, it really touches me. I’m also finding some interesting reading over at Desperate Husband. It’s a male perspective that you don’t get very often. (I will warn you that dh isn’t for children…if you get my drift.)

I’m sure I’ll be adding more to the links, as I keep finding them. I have a whole list of people to check out. I’m the kind that has to go back and start at the beginning, however, not just go by your last post. If I have you on my list, then you can be sure I’ve read all your archives and found out all you wanted me to know about you! I haven’t ignored my ‘regulars’ either, don’t be getting worried ’bout that.

If anyone has some favorite blogs you think I’d like, let me know. I’ll see if they’re already on my “to do” list, or if I need to check them out SOON.

I DO try to read all my comments and respond. If you want me to respond to you somewhere other than in comments, you have to give me an e-mail address, folks…

I’m trying to get a handle on who is out there and reading me, too, so if you have been lurking please come on out and introduce yourself. I’d love to meet you!


*Tap* *Tap* *Tap* Anyone Home?

Me: Sooo, Em has a blog
Hubby: What’s a blog?
Me: It’s a web log – like an online journal thing
Hubby: On the internet? A web page?
Me: Yeah, kinda like that. Some people use theirs for political stuff, some for personal, it’s individual
Hubby: Em has one?
Me: Yeah. She calls herself “not dorothy”, you know, like The Wizard of Oz ?
Me: SIL is the scarecrow
Me: …uh…and your mother is the wicked witch of the west…
Hubby: eyebrow raises … oh, really?
Me: Yeah. You can never ever ever tell your mother.
Hubby: I wonder what I am…?
Me: Dad.

And for those of you who know Hubby… he never even asked if I had one…!! Very odd.