I forgot to mention… if you go on over there to the right… yeah… a little further… now down… (they are alphabatized, start singing the song if you need to, we’ll wait) … there is another new link there for Stacy at Outwit, Outblog, Outsnark – thanks for the tip, Becky!

There is also another one there for Livey the Northwoods Woman. She’s got some pretty funny stuff (for someone from Wisconsin! LOL!)

Just take a few minutes to say ‘hi” to these people over there… you know…on that list… They make my mundane existance life a little more exciting. Thanks to all of you talented people!

Technical Question

I have a quick technical question, so most of you can just skip right over this… (unless, of course, you know the answer!)

Why can’t I get Michael’s blog (Ripple Me This) to come up from my home computer, but it comes up just fine from my work computer? Same version of I.E. (I don’t want to hear it…I’m stuck with I.E.), everthing else is the same. Ideas???

His is the only one I’ve found so far with troubles. Hmmm…

Is anyone else having trouble going to his site?

Okay. That’s it. You can move along now…. thanks!