The Power of Pink

There is a controversy brewing here in the state of Iowa. It’s been going on for years, but has just now come to light and it’s getting ugly. It’s the power of pink. At one of the state run universities, the opposing teams’ football locker room has been renovated pale pink. Everything – including the carpeting, metal lockers, brick walls, sinks, shower floor — even the urinals. Pink.

All hell is breaking loose. Erin Buzuvis, a law professor, said she has received death threats for saying the color scheme promotes sexism and homophobia. Buzuvis said she will raise the issue on Tuesday when a committee seeks public comment on a report it recently compiled on the university’s compliance with NCAA regulations.

Me? I think it’s funny. For heaven’s sake, people, lighten up. It’s a JOKE. It’s meant to hurt the other teams’ moral. It’s meant as a psychological JOKE. The pink locker room goes back to an earlier coach (several years ago), and has been expanded in the current renovation of the stadium –So what?

Since when did pink mean you were a homosexual? (Remember, it wasn’t the Pink Teletubbie they went after…!) Yes, traditionally we all know the pink or blue blankets for the newborns are supposed to be girl and boy, but since when can’t a girl baby be dressed in blue? Is a boy baby put to bed with a hand-me-down pink blanket going to grow up sexually frustrated? And how many of us are old enough to remember the big trend in the 70’s to get away from boring white dress shirts for men and many, many men wore pink or salmon or peach ones? My own blessed, as-conservative-as-they-come FIL even owned a pink golf shirt!

You don’t hear people in the Caribbean or Florida complaining about all the pink houses… to them it’s a matter of culture and pride. They are artsy and cool! When was the last time someone came out and said they were supposedly indicative of a homosexuals’ home? Geez! Even if they did, would we really care?

I think this country has gone a little overboard in trying to be P.C. For heaven’s sake, people…it’s pink. It’s FUNNY. Lighten up.