End of the Month Panic

Can you believe this is the end of November? I sure can’t… I think this year I feel more dis-organized than I ever have. Is that possible? Is that one of the things that go along with CRS (can’t remember shit) and EITTS (everything I touch turns to shit)? Part of getting old? I used to be the most organized person you ever saw. Not anal, mind you, just organized. I could tell you within seconds exactly where something was that had come in the mail three weeks earlier. I could tell you where your favorite pair of sleeping shorts were or where you last left your shoes. (Okay, not YOU, maybe, but people in my household. Shaddup.)

Now? Now my brain is turning to mush. Some friends had given Hubby checks for minor car repair things back in September. The other day one of them finally mentioned to him that it hadn’t come through the bank yet. WTF? I never ever let something like that sit around – at least not for months! Sure enough. I found them tucked under the bank deposit book where I’d be sure not to forget about them.

I realize Christmas is just around the corner – as well as several family birthdays. Am I ready? Hell no. Do I even have ideas? I barely have a mind at the moment, let alone creativity. Oh, and for you who are wondering, NO I have not put up my Christmas decorations. I need a break from work to get caught up… and a wife.

Tickle Me… NOT

Don’t you hate it when you get a tickle in your throat that won’t go away and you cough your fool head off until you think your brain is going to spew out of your eyeballs and you can’t stop crying / coughing / peeing your pants to save your life? Yeah. It’s like that. Damn.

Back to the Feeding Frenzy

Yes, I’m back at work. I dreaded even opening my e-mail this morning, and with good cause. I didn’t even look at the count… it was too scary. I’ve been here since 6 a.m. and I’m just now seeing the top of my desk peeking out.

Thank you everyone who sent well wishes. No, you weren’t going crazy… I cheated and posted a bunch at once. Kept putting them in draft thinking I was going to add to them, but never got to it. I’ll try not to do that too often. I know it messes some of you up…

It’s still gloomy here today. Talking some snow tonight and a slight chance the rest of the week. Wish I could just stay home and do more jammie days, but alas! I’m gonna have to wait until we get “measurable snow” to do that.

Probably is gonna take me awhile to catch up with you all. Will hopefully get to it soon… I’ve missed you!

It’s A LIttle Dreary

…here in the neighborhood. I’ve sat by the fire today, reading, not doing much of anything except taking the pups out to get muddy every few hours. I hear the forecast is calling for heavy rain later on and possible snow tomorrow.

Feeling rather worthless the past few days. Maybe I’ll get some energy together soon. I do have a few things that need to be done. Work tomorrow. That’s gonna be fun. Let’s see, I was gone Tuesday and Wednesday, cleaning and cooking, Thursday for Thanksgiving, and Friday sick. I’ll just about bet they’ve reached the end of their ropes by now and have been hounding my ‘backup’ like the hounds of hell.

Somehow, at this moment, I just don’t care.

Bless Us Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

What a wonderful day it has been. I can’t hardly move, but that’s what you’re supposed to do, right? Stuff yourselves until you can’t then wait an hour and have dessert, then a couple more hours and start all over again with sandwiches! Even tho’ I was the cook, I must say my birds came out wonderful this year… moist and tender. I’m so thrilled! Made for such yumminess. This year, after threats of not one more chance, my corn casserole even got done when it was supposed to. Miracle, believe me!

Bad news was, family friends who were coming called and were sick. She had flu, he had a bad cold. That was bad… I was looking forward to seeing them and I felt badly for them that they were ill. I didn’t even take them leftovers as it sounded as though they weren’t keeping much down.

Good news was, everyone else made it. The weather held out and my parents were here, my MIL came, and all my kids and their significant others were in force, except Em’s hubby who was out of state on a hiking expedition with friends. We missed him, but are sure to see him at Christmastime – plus I know he had fun.

Hope you and yours were all blessed this year with plenty ot eat, warm shelter, and loved ones near.

Anyone Need a Cowboy?

I swear, after yesterday’s cleaning frenzy, today I can barely walk. This is no lie… I’m walkin’ like a cowboy right off the horse! Why? No clue. I didn’t do a thing that would cause my inner thigh muscles to be seizing up, except possibly going up and downstairs several times. I also am having a bit of a time standing up straight. Oh, well.. all the better to check the turkey in the oven, huh?

Today is cooking day. Em got off late last night and decided to come this morning, so I’ve had time to myself. I’ve made pumpkin bread(s) and coffee cake (my grandmother’s family recipe) and I’ve gotten one turkey in the oven and another in the roaster. Now I just need to wait for her to appear.

Update: She didn’t get here until late, but she made it!!! I’m so tickled. This is the best part of the holidays, getting to see all the kids. Bug got a haircut… what a cutie. Hope she posts a picture of her on her site.

We’ve decided to go to the movie RENT after the turkeys are carved and safely put away for the night. Looking forward to that! Love love love the play.