Would Someone Please Take the Voodoo Doll Away from the Nasty Person?

I don’t know about you, but I’m really getting tired of this. Not this this… not the blog… nor am I technically speaking about myself. I’m getting tired of the really nice people I’ve met out there in blogland (yes, YOU) who are going through the most shitty times right now. It’s not fair. ::stomping feet:: It’s really not.

I would venture a guess it’s something in the water, but you’re all in different parts of the country – hell, in different parts of the world! Somehow, the holder of The Doll has figured out just what to do to make you miserable.

We range from health and family issues with Livey, to lots of house-selling-moving frightful tales from Becky and Jade. Darrell has been battling health problems for so long I don’t think he even knows what “healthy” feels like. We have kids going through one thing after another with Mom and job craziness with Manda and Jon. We won’t even touch on how ones’ integrity can be smashed to bits with all poor Sizzle had to go through this week. Money? Thy name is mud. Jules can tell you that… and from across the pond we have Helen. That beautiful, intelligent, talented lady has her hands full with “all of the above” and then some.

I swear… if I knew where he kept The Doll I’d find it and get rid of it.

Suffice it to say, I hope that all of these people I’ve mentioned (and probably some I’ve missed) know that they do have other people in the world who care about them and who, though we may be hundreds to thousands of miles apart, feel in some way we know them. We send virtual hugs and prayers to the gods and nightly wishes on stars that things will get better for them and they will become the happy, healthy, well people they deserve to be. Everyone deserves to have a dream. Everyone deserves to have a dream come true. As much as I bitch, I am so blessed. Blessed with family, a nice home, a good job, sweet critters, and you. My blog-friends.

I’d make it better if I could for you. Honest.